Meta rolls out “Search” feature on Threads for ‘most’ countries including India, the UK, and the US

Threads owner Mark Zuckerberg announces that the Search feature will be rolling out for most English and Spanish-speaking countries. Users can now search for posts within the Threads app using the new search feature. Zuckerberg posted a thread last week informing the viewers about the upcoming search feature for the Threads app. He wrote, “Get excited — search is coming to Threads.”

Adding further to the thread post, on 7th September, the Meta owner declared that the feature will finally be available for most countries including India, the UK, and the US among others. He posted “Rolling out to most English and Spanish speaking countries today. More to come soon.”

Even though the app already had a search feature from the start, it allowed the users to only search through related user accounts on the app using a keyword. But with the upgrade in the feature, it will now also let people search for a particular post or related content on the app using specific keywords or particular topics.

As the search feature has started rolling out for most countries, it is already showing up for a few users. When you enter specific keywords in the search bar, the app will show you the related accounts in the search results.

Meta Threads search feature

When you click on the “search for …” option which is visible right on the top of the search results, it will fetch you the posts and content related to your search on the app. And with that, just like it happens in Elon Musk’s X, you can simply scroll through the related posts on the Threads app too.

Meta had announced that it first started testing this feature in Australia and New Zealand last week. And now, one week later, it’s already expanding the feature to other English and Spanish-speaking countries. However, that still leaves a large set of people waiting for the feature!

Users who can already access the feature have appreciated this update in the application while others keep demanding more features that made the rival app X one of the top social media platforms. These features include trends, hashtags, a Following only tab, bookmarks, polls, and a few others.

Meta is continuously rolling out new features for Threads to boost its user engagement which reportedly dropped by almost 82% weeks after getting launched in July. It recently introduced a web version for Threads along with adding features like a chronological feed, a dedicated reposts tab, and a space where users can see likes on their posts.

The upgraded search feature is more likely to increase user engagement on Threads since it was among one of the most requested features on the app!