X Social Media to Offer Basic features for Pocket Change

X Social Media offers a trial run that lets you explore all basic features at just $1. Let’s explore all the features that it has in store for you.

The social media site X, formerly known as Twitter, announced on Tuesday that it will launch a new membership plan in which basic functions will cost $1 per year. Users will be charged for likes, reposts, quotes from other accounts, and bookmarking posts under the new “Not A Bot” subscription.

According to X, the new subscription model is being introduced to eliminate bots and spammers on the platform. The cost will differ depending on the exchange rate across countries. This new update will first be rolled out in the Philippines and New Zealand.

Bots have been a source of contention for Elon Musk, who purchased the company last year. In July, X implemented a limit on tweet viewing in order “to ensure the authenticity” of its user base.

The update will be rolled out as a test, which will not affect the existing users. However, the new users who will not opt for an annual subscription will only be allowed to view and read posts. The platform will not allow users to interact with any post without a subscription and their ability to use the microblogging platform will be severely limited.

What will be the actual cost?

Under the trial subscription, new users in the Philippines and New Zealand will have to pay between $0.75 and $0.85 for a year in exchange for basic functionalities such as the ability to upload content on the platform.

Users who do not pay this fee will be restricted to a “read-only” version of the platform. They can only read posts, watch videos, and follow accounts, but they cannot actively contribute to the platform by uploading content or interacting with the posts online.

What will the trial mean for existing users?

Notably, existing customers in the Philippines and New Zealand will be unaffected by the introduction of this annual subscription model. This model is aimed primarily at new X users, who will now join the platform. This is done with the goal of creating a more controlled environment for users, as they become acquainted with the site.

The annual subscription fee is intended to generate revenue for the platform while also offering an ad-free user experience.

It will be fascinating to observe how people react to this new subscription arrangement and see if it is fruitful for the users and the platform or not.