CoinSwitch Custom Instant Exchange convert your existing website in to coin exchange platform

- Advertisment - introduced a new platform for instant exchanging of Crypto coin0s, known as CoinSwitch Custom Instant Exchange. According to the Coinswitich, Custom Instant Exchange enables the blogger or websites those somehow deals in the Cryptocurrency; can transform their own website platform to a niche cryptocurrency exchange. Now, the thing is what will you get in return on creating a dedicated crypto exchange website using the Coinswitch platform. So, as per the company, you will earn 50% of the transaction fees to monetizing exist or newly created crypto and blockchain related website.

As per the CoinSwitch, it is white label quality solution which not required any coding knowledge to set up. It allows any user to convert its website or blog into Crypto exchange in under 2 minutes. Furthermore, the integration of the platform not going to ruin the design of the website and can be best customized to accommodate the logo and color scheme of the host’s website. Hosts also get to have the final call on the coins that they will allow on their instant exchange.

Any website integrating the CoinSwitch Custom Instant Exchange will be able to provide its users or visitors a robust way to invest in cryptocurrencies, right from its website. This is ensured without any redirects, and hence, the hosts don’t have to compromise on their traffic. Additionally, the hosts will receive a revenue split of 50% per transaction, thus monetizing their digital media influence.


Rajkumar Maurya
Rajkumar Maurya is the H2S Media tech expert. He’s always been passionate about technology and has been writing on the subject since 2014. He has extensive knowledge of all kinds of technology, from consumer-tech to enterprise solutions. You can contact the author at--


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