Delhi-based start-up CourierHome brings online courier platform with Blockchain & AI

Delhi-based start-up ‘CourierHome bring Blockchain technology & AI’  in the logistics industry. With this, CourierHome wants to create transparency of all documents and transactions across the freight landscape, ultimately increasing the efficiency, agility, and innovation of supply chains. With the implementation of the new-age technologies the entire courier process gets automated and thus makes it more efficient. According to the Courierhome they have achieved the rate of over 150% per month in customer base and covering over 20,000+ pin codes.

Prateek Sharma, Founder & CEO – CourierHome commented on this initiative, “Today, the application of Blockchain technology is innumerable. The logistics industry which is a trillion-dollar industry is going to alter the landscape of the logistics industry with this revolutionary technology. Seeing the advantages that blockchain brings in logistics, it can prevent frauds, eliminate inaccuracies, increase data security and transparency, improve efficiency, and reduce expenditure.

Sushant Kumar, Co-Founder & COO – CourierHome said, “Today the industry faces multitude of problems including transparency in supply chains with many end consumers not knowing where their products have come from, complex processes and a lack of accountability. We at CourierHome is creating a transparent and efficient system for managing all documents and transactions involved in the logistics and supply chain process with the usage of Blockchain.”

The customers can book the Courierhome service via their website or APP available in Google play store. The highlight of the service is that for example a customer sitting in Delhi, can arrange pickup from Andaman and Nicobar and get deliver it across anywhere in the world. The customer can track their order and get updates directly through the app. Courierhome, adopting these new-age technologies- AI, ML, and Blockchain is making the logistics industry redefine today’s behaviour and practices, taking operation from reactive to proactive, planning from forecast to prediction, processes from manual to autonomous, and courier services from standardized to personalized.

Ensuring the best customer experience, Courierhome has exclusively partnered with the world’s top and best logistics giants like FedEx, Aramex, Holisol, Delhivery and many more for both domestic as well as international deliveries.