Dell U4323QE monitor Leaked specs- 42.5-inch 4K resolution

According to media sources, Dell will soon launch a new U4323QE monitor with a large 42.5-inch screen, 4K resolution, and narrow borders on all sides.

As per the sources and leaked specs, Dell’s new U4323QE monitor would feature a display size of 42.5-inch in IPS screen technology. For a better picture, Dell U4323Q3 would have a 4K resolution, supports a variable refresh rate of 29-76Hz; 95% sRGB color gamut, a typical brightness of 350 nits, and a 5ms grayscale response time.

The leaked specifications show that with this upcoming monitor Dell will target gamers, animators, designers, and video/Image editors.

Further, this will also be a standalone monitor and not with some embedded processing power, hence the users have to rely on external computing resources (PC).

We also got to know that Dell’s new U4323QE monitor is rich in interfaces, equipped with a network cable RJ45 interface for manageability with MAC Address pass-through, PXE Boot, and Wake-on-LAN; DP 1.4, HDMI2.1, and a full-featured USB-C (90W) interface. In addition, there are three USB-C upstream ports, which only support data transmission; one USB-C downstream port, which supports 15W PD charging, and multiple USB-A downstream ports.

While writing this article, Dell has not announced the price and time to market of the new U4323QE monitor.

Dells new U4323QE monitor