7 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iOS

Screen mirroring apps have emerged as a convenient solution for mirroring or casting screens from one device to another. These apps enable users to replicate the display of their smartphone, tablet, or computer onto larger screens. 

This technology has undoubtedly revolutionized the way we consume media, share content, and collaborate both in personal and professional settings. 

In this article, we will shed light on a few screen mirroring apps that you can download right away!

Furthermore, we will explore top-screen mirroring apps that empower you to effortlessly share and connect your digital world with the larger screens around you. 


AirDroid best screen mirroring to PC app

AirDroid is popular and has been around for quite some time now. It is one of the best screen mirroring apps for Android smartphones that allows users to seamlessly control and transfer files between their smartphones and PC. Even if the smartphone is not in the local network, still the app allows the user to access the phone using some remote PC with the help of the Internet.

Apart from it offers a few other prominent features such as you can view and reply to messages, manage contacts, and even receive calls directly from their PCs. Additionally, you can also adjust the screen resolution as well as orientation.

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Castto – TV Cast, Screen Share

Castto screen casting app for Android phones

Castto is another great screen mirroring app that helps users to stream content from their phones to a wide range of compatible devices such as smart TVs and Chromecast. With this app, users can enjoy music and even play games on a larger screen. The app features an intuitive interface and is quite easy to use. Users can easily stream online videos directly from top-notch online platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Overall, it’s a user-friendly screen mirroring app that enables you to share your favorite multimedia content on a variety of casting-enabled devices.

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TeamViewer for Android and iOS

It is one of the most popular screen mirroring apps designed especially for diagnostic purposes. It utilizes end-to-end encryption, which ensures all your data that is transmitted is secure and safe. Also, it generates a unique password and username for each remote session that adds an extra layer of protection from unauthorized access. While the app is free to use, those running businesses get various payment options. 

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Vysor is a screen mirroring and remote control app

Vysor is another popular screen mirroring and remote control app that allows users to display and control their devices on their computers. But in order to use the app, users need to install the Vysor Chrome extension on their computer’s Chrome browser. It is available for Android and iOS plus offers a range of features and functionalities such as smooth video playback, high-quality mirroring, and the ability to share the screen with others through a unique URL.

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Screen Mirroring App – Miracast

Screen Mirroring App Miracast

Screen Mirroring App mirrors your mobile screen to a wide range of smart TVs, monitors, and even gaming consoles supporting AirPlay, Chromecast, and Miracast. Using it we can effortlessly cast media content and games directly to your screens from our tablet or smartphone. With over five million downloads, it’s a great free app you can use for basic screen mirroring functions.

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Screen Mirroring LetsView

Users can download the LetsView app on their mobile devices or install the LetsView software on their computers, ensuring compatibility across various platforms including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. By connecting the mobile device or computer and the target display device to the same Wi-Fi network, users can establish a wireless connection and begin mirroring their screen.

With support for a wide range of screen mirroring capabilities, LetsView allows users to mirror their entire screen of mobile devices or computers and cast videos, photos, or any other content on a larger display. Apart from it, LetsView offers the option to mirror specific applications or even individual files, giving users greater control over what is displayed on the screen.

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AnyDesk Remote smartphone mirroring app

AnyDesk is one of the top screen mirroring apps that can be utilized for both personal and professional uses. While the app is free for personal use, you need to subscribe for a paid version starting at $9.9 a month if you want to use it with your team. 

The remote desktop app offers a user-friendly interface, high frame rates, and low latency. AnyDesk uses a proprietary DeskRT video codec technology that allows users to work on remote desktops, access files, run applications, and perform tasks with minimal lag by ensuring smooth and real-time transmission of visuals and low-latency response.

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So, these were the few best Screen mirroring apps for your Android and iOS smartphones to mirror your screen, stream media, collaborate, or remotely control devices.

Ultimately, the best screen mirroring app depends on individual preferences and intended use cases. Consider factors such as device compatibility, ease of use, available features, and security when choosing the ideal screen mirroring app for your needs. 

By selecting the right app, you can enjoy seamless screen sharing, enhanced multimedia experiences, and efficient remote access. So, install the app that full fills your requirements in the best possible way.

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