Fan Made Red Dead Redemption PC Emulator Project Grinds To A Halt

Red Dead Redemption is a very famous, hugely loved gaming title released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 back at 2010 from the house of Rockstar Games. It was record-breaking gaming at that moment, it held the record of being the most expensive game for five years, this game was actually a successor of a game called Red Dead Revolver. The game received loads of applause from the gamers, as well as it was a critically acclaimed game of that year. Most of the reviewers gave it a 95/100 review. They also sold more than 15 million units worldwide.

The only problem about this game was, it was a console exclusive game, and even after the huge success and beloved reception from all the gamers, Rockstar Games never released this game on the PC platform, so PC gamers were never been able to play this game. As we all know that the number of PC gamers is far greater than to the combined number of all console gamers, so since then Red Dead Redemption stayed as an untasted flavour to all the PC gamers.

Fan Made Red Dead Redemption PC Emulator Project Grinds To A Halt

What Happened?

After a couple of years, a fan and a pro game developer DamnedDev started to make an emulator version of the Red Dead Redemption game, which can be played on PC platforms. Many fans including me were eagerly waiting for the release of that game for a long time, but now it came to the news from various sources that the project has been halted for some reason.

From the sources like, IGN the news comes to the limelight that, the developer known as DamnedDev has stopped working on Red Dead Redemption: Damned Enhancement Project, reportedly DamnedDev was creating the emulator version of the game by using Xenia and RPCS3 emulator technologies. But, sadly the project is now been shelved as the developer received a direct email from Take-Two Interactive (who owns the Rockstar Games publishing house) which asked him to stop the work.

Post from DamnedDev

DamnedDev announced in a post, On GTA forums, “Please note project halted, updated video will be made and things would be explained. I’m not very happy. Please understand for the time being all will be explained.” Though the reason behind why the project has been halted was not clear from his post.

The updated video has not come out yet, but DamnedDev explains at his last post that, “I can’t talk about what happened, but you know who had a hand in this halt. I rather not speak more as they warned me to be hush but common people already gonna know if it gets shut down out of nowhere. Just gonna put it like that if you get the drift or not. But yeah usual corp greed thinks they can bully you.”

Now the DamnedDev is exploring the legal options which can help him resume work on the modified game. He said on his post, “My case is pretty strong and could win and can also change their mind,” DamnedDev also said that Take-Two interactive have done goofy kinds of stuff to threaten him like getting his private info and even contacted his family. He also said he is not going to be scared or not going to quit his project and he also does not let them bully him.

Now while DamnedDev was asked about what was in the email sent to him by Take-Two, he replied that it stated that a legal representative on behalf of Take-Two demanded a halt on the ongoing project, but DamnedDev still hopes that he can convince Take-Two developer team about the that the mod as it does not violate any EULA or laws related anti-piracy. He also stated that the players will need to own the game actually in original in order to use the mod. Take-Two also can access the information about those mod users’ real names, address, phone number, and email id. So, in turn, it going to boost the sale of that game again after so many years. So, the myth of accessing the game for free is also been washed away with this statement from DamnedDev. But, he also spread the word that the legal team which contacted him is to keep harassing him and his family and is pressurizing him to quit the project totally.

DamnedDev also stated that the mod version of the game shouldn’t be “censored” at all because “this version isn’t a port from the real game or not even a remastered copy, even not a re-release by a third party” and he is also blaming “the media” as they misrepresented the actual nature of the project which led the legal teams of Take-two to make a move. But, DamnedDev is showing his confidence as he still thinks after careful auditing of his project Take_two will give him a green signal.