Top 3 Gaming Tablets to play mid-range games at Reasonable price

Both tablets and smartphones are enriched with the best features to perform all their activities easily, thanks to the rapid advancement in the field of technology. But tablets are often considered as an enlarged version of smartphones, while smartphones are usually divided between social media, games, and utilities, people often consider smartphones as a communication device when compared to tablets. On the other hand, tablets are mostly seen as an entertainment medium, used to play games and for other entertainment purposes.
Apart from gaming and entertainment, tablets can perform almost every other task like surfing the internet, checking emails, preparing reports, and other stuff, we can even call it as an alternative to laptops.

So, as of now, we have got an idea of the functions of a tablet, but do you know what makes a tablet stand tall in today’s world which is dominated by smartphones, how are tablets still alive or better to say still standing tall having their own strong identity and why they are not extinct in the crazy world of smartphones?

Well, a simple answer to all these questions is some features of a tablet that makes it stand apart from the crowd and one of those major features is the size of the tablet which provides an amazing gaming experience and also an awesome means of entertainment as compared to smartphones. Now a question arises which tablet to choose? As there are many options available, so I am here with the three best gaming tablets, it will help you to choose the right one for you. Now, without any further delay, let me explain to you.

1) Apple iPad mini (WIFI + cellular)

This one is really a great performer and has a lot to offer, coming from the bloodline of royalty it carries forward the legacy of the reputed brand. Everything from browsing the internet, checking emails, sticking to social media, and any other work, it handles everything with ease.

The audio of this beauty is also very loud, thanks to the four speakers present in it, two at the bottom and two on top, this ensures that you can have perfect family time while watching your favourite movie, or web series, or any of your favourite videos in YouTube. Moreover, the greater viewing angles just add fuel to fire.

When it comes to gaming, this beauty turns into a beast, and believe me if you are a hardcore gamer you will definitely fall in love with this beast. Every game runs perfectly and almost without any lag, its big screen, good viewing angles, and lag-free gaming will bring out the devil inside you and believe me you will feel like a real hero after you are done playing.

Apple iPad mini (WIFI + cellular)

So in my opinion, if you are indeed a real gamer and have enough bucks to spend for your passion then buy this masterpiece with closed eyes.

Key features:

● Screen size – 10.20-inch
● Operating System – Apple IOS
● Resolution – 2160*1620
● Rear and front camera – 8 MP and 1.2 MP respectively
● 2 GB RAM
● 32 GB inbuilt storage
● 4.20 Bluetooth version
● 2.34 GHz quad-core processor

2) Samsung galaxy tab s5e

This tablet from Samsung is all about offering something similar to iPad pro but at a much lower price. Samsung bets that it is the best entertainment tablet under the forty thousand price tag, but is it really true?

Well, let’s try to find out. Many of the hardcore gamers prefer a tablet compared to smartphones because of the large size of a tablet, as the average size of every tablet is approx 8 inches and this beast is well above 10 inches, so this is happy news for all the gaming geeks out there.

I know that all of you would agree with me that playing your favourite high-end games on a big screen tablet will give you more goosebumps as compared to a normal smartphone. That’s why this beauty is winning the war against other tablets when it comes to gaming.

The big screen, premium quality design, etc all are something which all of us want in our gadgets, but one of the major shortcomings in this tablet is the midrange and less powerful processor, the Qualcomm snapdragon 670. It was not expected as its previous generation had snapdragon 835, so this is indeed a bit disappointing, but now the point is whether its performance is affected by it or not?

Let me explain this to you. The audio quality is amazing, thanks to the four speakers and the presence of Dolby atmos, the camera quality is also decent.

Samsung galaxy tab s5e

Coming to the performance, well you can glue to your favourite video and watch it for as long as you wish in full HD resolution, you can play almost every game without any lag, the big screen and good viewing angles make this tablet a powerhouse when it comes to playing games. Though very high graphics games will lag when played at highest settings, else everything is fine. So, this is the masterpiece of Samsung.

Key features:

● Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor
● 10.5-inch screen
● Rear and front camera – 13 MP and 8 MP respectively
● 4 GB RAM
● 64 GB inbuilt memory
● 7040 mAh battery
● Operating System – Android 9.0

3) Samsung galaxy tab A plus 8.0

With this tablet, Samsung has tried to target the audience who want to fulfil their desires but are on a tight budget, I have included this tablet in my list just because of the fact that a major portion of readers reading this article might not be able to pay heavy amounts of money to get the best gadgets available, so this one is for them, now let me get into the details of this gadget.

I am starting with one of its shortcomings, which is its plastic body, but at this price point, it is no surprise. The audio quality is decent with only one speaker present, it’s totally fine to pass your time with YouTube.

The camera quality is also good, considering its price tag and allows you to take some decent snaps. Taking about the display, the aspect ratio of 16:10 plus a full HD resolution of 1920*1200 pixels offer a good viewing experience. The battery life of the tablet lasts for just above nine hours on moderate use, and it is not that bad.

Coming to the performance, well it not any sort of powerhouse in this segment but still, it has something great to offer, you can play all the mid-range games without any lag, even PUBG can be played without any lag in this device, the problem comes when you try to play high graphic games, then this gadget shows some lags, else everything is fine, you can bring out the gamer inside you with this tablet.

Samsung galaxy tab A plus 8.0

So, if you are on a tight budget and need a buddy for your entertainment, then this one is not at all a bad choice.

Thus, these are the three tablets having their distinct features but based on one common fact, that is they are designed especially for gaming, now you can go through their review and specs and find which one is best for you and if you happen to be a real gaming fan, I bet you will end up buying one of them.