Flip the bird at the sun with the indigenous battery powered cooling jacket

Is there anybody who doesn’t want to beat the heat in the hot days of summer! Maybe for that, the revolutionary air conditioners record the highest sales, during the summer season. But can air conditioners protect us from the scorching heat of the summer days when we are out! Even a small child can say, that’s impossible. But it can be possible in coming days. Yes, with the aid of a cooling jacket. You can always purchase a liquid cooling vest from online stores, but the prices are too expensive, to say the least. It is out of reach for most people in India.

 battery powered cooling vest or jacket at a cheap price
Just an image for reference original might be different

That being said, a young scientist from Kolkata is working on a battery-powered cooling vest aka. Jacket, to be launched at a very cheap price. Yes, very cheap. It can be priced at around INR 2,000 to 2,500. Beating the heat with a product at such an affordable price range is always a wonder. The product is not yet launched, but will possibly be launched at the end of this year. Yes, you might need to suffer from the last summer by the way. The inventor of the jacket Rupam Ghosh will also visit the UN Summit in July to sophisticate the product and also with the intention of introducing some world class functionalities in the indigenous product.

The product will use very thin fans, typically computer cooling fans to cool the body with the help of evaporation. Evaporative cooling means, it can give you the same kind of comfort, when you are using an air cooler in your home. The number of fans that will be present in the jacket is still unknown. But in the discussed prototype, there will be 2 fans at the back under the backbone, along with 2 blowers at the back.

Small sponge balls will be used to maintain an air gap between the body and the jacket. To keep away moisture and water from the jacket, which is prevalent in most Indian states, a special kind of superhydrophobic coating will be used to repel moisture and water. The coating will be helpful to keep away water from the surface with the lotus effect (the effect which doesn’t allow water to stand on a surface).

The portable cooling jacket will be powered by batteries, which can be recharged with solar energy, as well as normal electricity from the home-based electrical power outlets. Though it will have multiple fans and blowers, it will not be too heavy for your body to carry, the inventor says. It can be put on the body for long hours without causing any kind of strain on the shoulders or at the back.

The cooling jacket will be a very low maintenance product, and can also be washed, after removing the cooling module, which according to the author, is a piece of cake. After washing it with water, the cooling module should be reattached back to the jacket to start using it. The cooling jacket will hardly have any kind of negative effects on the body. Though the final price of the product is yet to be disclosed, if it is available at a price of around INR 2,500, it will really be a dime a dozen.

This is really going to be an innovative product and can be a boon for the people living in a hot country like India. The information which is given above might vary from the actual product after it is launched. I just talked about the prototype, as it was said by the inventor in 24 Ghanta, a Kolkata based news channel. What is your view about this product? Will you go for this product if it is launched at this price range? Surely let me know your opinions in the comment section down below.