Xbox Scarlett is now officially Xbox Series X

Ending every speculation and rumours, Microsoft named the next-gen console as Xbox Series X. Taking the opportunity of The Games Awards 2019, they showcased the name and look of it. So, wipe out the name of Xbox Scarlett from your mind. The Xbox will be coming the late next year 2020 in the holidays, the month of November. A surprising trailer started to reveal the much-awaited information about the Xbox. Finally, we know what would be the look of it and it pretty much looks like a beast who can work quietly. A tower type box look of it feels like it is made for gaming. The disc drive is still there and hardwires inside the console would not disappoint the gamers. You can use it horizontally or vertically.

The Xbox Series X wireless controllers will be smaller than the previous versions and users will get an improved Dpad on it. Even the controllers will be compatible with PC and Xbox One.

Xbox Scarlett is now officially Xbox Series X

Using the stage of The Game Awards, Phil Spencer introduced us with the new Xbox along with the name. He added that the company owned 15 Xbox game studio team are working on the games to make the brands to make it the most diverse game lineup. The games like Sunsua’s Saga: Hellblade II and Halo Infinity are already in a development stage for Xbox Series X as the trailers were shown at the event. The unique feature it will get is the users will have the power to suspend and resume multiple games simultaneously.

The price of the console is still in the dark but you can expect to know about the price probably in June 2020. The E3 2020 is the event you should fix your eyes to know the details of everything about Xbox Series X and games of it.

It is just a teaser of the next-gen console. Official specs are not announced yet. But you can expect high features from the company as we know what it could give us in terms of specs from the rumours of Xbox Scarlett. So, what we can expect from the new Xbox?

We do not have specific information about it. Though you can get the knowledge of expected features from our previous post on Xbox Scarlett as the name has been changed but the specs speculation would be the same.

After the huge revelation from the Xbox boss, we are certainly excited to know more about it. From the price to the exact features or the games we get etc. Especially we are eagerly waiting to experience the games by playing on that brand new Xbox Series X. So, keep an eye on it and hope to get the details soon.