Google’s new update allows Android users to delete up to 50 emails at once in Gmail with the “Select All” option

Free up space on your Android with Google’s new Gmail update.

Google has added a new feature for Android users in Gmail. Now users can get rid of unwanted or old emails at once with the help of the “Select All” feature. Though the feature is labeled “Select All”, which hinges on the suspicion that users can select all emails at once, this feature only selects the first 50 emails on Gmail to delete at once. Whereas, users are also allowed to unselect wanted emails in the process.

This is the end of the hefty cycle of selecting each email individually to free up Gmail space. It is worth noting that a similar feature has been available on the desktop version of the app for a long time and has been finally released to the Android app. While it is convenient, this new update has nothing more to offer its users.

As reported by 9to5Google, this new update is available for users on the latest Gmail Android version, 2023.08.20.561750975. It is currently limited to Android users, like Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel users of Android 13 or 14, and is expected to be available for other devices soon. The feature is anticipated to be in its testing phase.

How to Select All and Delete 50 Email on Gmail App

  • Open your Gmail app on your Android.
  • Go to Inbox or any other location on the app form where you want to delete all the emails.
  • After that tap and hold on any message/mail.
  • A selection box will appear on the top.
  • Tap to check the Select All box.
  • It will select your current 50 emails.
  • After that tap on the Bin icon given at the Top of the Gmail App.

Select All and Delete 50 Email on Gmail App

With the recent Google changes in its unlimited free storage policy, this new feature has gained high value for Google users with a free-tier version of the application to adjust emails under the 15 GB of storage provided by Google. Email, including photos and videos, occupies space in cloud storage. When the data exceeds the space limit, Gmail is unable to display and download new emails.

Google’s new “Select All” feature is a perfect nullifying agent for the recent discontinuation of the unlimited storage feature. The company continues to prosper and bring about new features in exchange for the change in the old policies.

Reportedly, the feature is also considered a server-side change, meaning users won’t see it until it’s there. Also, the company has rolled out a new AI-powered coding assistant called Studio Bot for Android developers in India and other countries. The bot has been available in the US since May last year.

“Studio Bot is available in more than 170 countries and territories, with support for the English language,” said the company in an interview. This is a conversation platform that helps developers create new applications by resolving queries.