X changes tagline to ‘Formerly Twitter’ after facing fall in App Store rankings

X, formerly Twitter, has dropped its slogan “Blaze your glory!” on the App Store. After losing its appeal on the App Store, X changed its tagline from “Blaze your glory!” to “Formerly Twitter”. The most noticeable reason for the fall in ranking is the rebranding of the application. 

Twitter, which was once reported to be the most popular social media website, has now fallen more than 30 places in the “Top Downloaded” list below TikTok and WhatsApp. The app rebranding took place in July with not much recognition as the application faced severe backlash from users in favor of the previous logo and name. It also caused technical problems like link breaks and domain errors. 

The falling ranks seem to be a step back for the X owner, who was strongly pursuing to erase Twitter’s existence from the app. The previously tweeted tweets are now commonly addressed as posts, and the word “Twitter” can no longer be seen anywhere on the app, along with the once profound Bird logo that was replaced with an X. 

One Tesla Share shared the news on X with the new tagline adjacent to the X logo on the App Store. “NEWS: X has added a description of “formerly Twitter” to its iOS app page. , replacing the earlier tagline “Blaze your glory.” 


This is likely to combat X’s slip in app store download rankings as a result of people not knowing yet the app used to be Twitter. $TSLA #Twitter”

In a statistical report, it was found that 69% of X users still refer to the app as Twitter when searching for it online. This notes that rebranding affected the popularity of the app and led X to comply with its previous name. This change in tagline is being taken as X’s way to remind its audience of the authenticity of the app and about what it was and currently offers.  

Now it is to be evaluated if the new change will bring the results X desires or if Elon Musk’s acquisition will mark the end of Twitter with a continued fall in ranking. Another prominent reason could be X’s controversial status. The application is considered a big controversial magnet, with accusations of following antisemitism and encouraging hate speech in the name of free speech through the platform that can cause serious harm to its audience.