Google Meet now offers Full HD streaming for group video meetings

Google Meet now offers Full HD streaming for group video calls involving 3 or more participants. This feature is accessible for Workspace subscribers, but the capability to view webcam feeds in 1080p is currently limited to the web version of Meet.

In a recent blog post, Google mentioned that the higher resolution setting is initially disabled and necessitates a 1080p camera. However, users can easily activate it through an on-screen prompt or by navigating to the settings menu. Participants in the meeting will be able to see others in Full HD resolution if they are pinned or if the viewer’s screen supports this video quality.

It’s important to keep in mind that enabling this feature will require extra bandwidth. Google has implemented a mechanism to automatically reduce the video quality in case of a slow internet connection.

The Full HD video viewing capability is accessible for Google Workspace users with the following plans: Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Workspace Individual subscribers. Please note that it is not an option for Google One subscribers.

Earlier this year, Google rolled out a 1080p option for one-on-one video meetings, making it accessible to all users. The tech giant has consistently enhanced its video conferencing solution by introducing various features, including the recently added safety feature called ‘On-the-Go’ mode, 360-degree virtual backgrounds, and many others.