Google to Bring New Personal Safety Feature for its Pixel Phones

New Personal Safety CHeck tools for Pixel Phones
New Personal Safety CHeck tools for Pixel Phones

Google Pixel smartphones are packed with so many features when compared to the other stock Android phones out there. The company is too quick with its Android updates which makes it one of the best go-to options for the stock Android lovers out there. These updates from Pixel bring some exciting new features with them at times and now the latest update is one of them.

With this update, Google is going to add a new “safety check tool” for its users. The Pixel phones already come with a personal safety feature in them and this new safety check tool is an addition for it. With this feature, the phone will ask you whether you need any assistance when you are in a bad situation. You just have to log your different activities in the smartphone for example when you are going for a walk, jog, or anywhere alone and it will keep a track of all your activities during that time.

  • Immediate Alert

Therefore, during your activity time, it will also start sending prompts on the screen of the phone to know whether you are okay or not. You can either dismiss these kinds of prompts immediately in a minute or it will send your location details to 911 in the US and also alert your emergency contacts immediately along with your location. So, its kind of personal security feature one can use if he or she felt to be hostile anywhere.

As of now, this safety feature is available only for the US users but the company will release it to all the Pixel devices pretty soon. Apart from that, Google is also going to provide the personal safety check feature which was debuted in Pixel 4 for all its Pixel devices.

  • New Battery Update

Apart from that, Google is also going to add a new adaptive battery feature. With this attribute, if your battery is running low, the device will start killing the apps that you don’t need and save up the battery automatically.