H1Z1 Mobile version game is about to launch

The developer has announced for H1Z1 Mobile Production: A piece of news came out form the Business Wire that Daybreak and NantWorks are joint venturings to create a new game publishing venture called NantG Mobile. So, definitely they are looking forward to the Mobile gaming industry and are about to come up with some new games from their side.

Also, there is one more news that their first project NantG has picked up the publication of H1Z1 Mobile. Daybreak also has worked on other mobile games like EverQuest, by seeing that game you can expect a pretty good job from the team on the H1Z1 project.

What we know so far

The company have not provided any details related to the project, or no leaks are on the air with relevance. According to the announcement, they just provided the information that the game is going to be a Mobile platform-based, but that would support both the Android and iOS mobile or not, that hasn’t been confirmed. However, according to the trend we can expect that the H1Z1 Mobile would hit both the mobile platforms to access the market at its most.

What to expect from H1Z1 mobile

  • According to Daybreak’s other games and their performance, the expectations are quite high on this project. You can also try out the other games from Daybreak like PlanetSide, EverQuest and the Z1 Battle Royale (also known as H1Z1) to study their quality of work. On the Windows platform, they are definitely not the best but on Sony’s PlayStation with the PlanetSide project their work was pretty impressive.
  • It is being expected that Daybreak is aiming to make a proprietary next-generation mobile game engine, which will take them to other joint ventures as well and this way they would be a big name in the Mobile Game development market, which feat they cannot achieve in the PC Gaming market for sure.
  • Though Z1 Battle Royal is not the best battle royal game in the market for sure, recently Daybreak announced that the game surpassed 12milllion active players around the world cumulatively on the PC and PS4 platforms. So, it is being expected that apart from the mobile game lovers there would be a huge number of loyal players of that game who would be joining the Mobile game as soon as it releases so the launch is going to be massive.
  • On the PC platform for sure Fortnite is leading the fight of battle royal from ahead with a huge amount lead than PUBG itself, and then come APEX Legends at third. While on the Mobile Platform PUBG Mobile is leading the fight; there are also many other games on the same genre present in there, so the fight is not going to be easy.
  • While the APEX Legend is also coming to the mobile platform by the end of 2020, it is going to be a pretty intense year for all the Mobile battle royal games. Where many gamers are shouting that Apex Mobile is going to become the PUBG Mobile killer, I am excited to see what would be the position of H1Z1 Mobile.
  • According to the developers, H1Z1 consists of almost same type FPS gameplay like PUBG Mobile but runs better even on lesser hardware resources, so they are expecting that H1Z1 is going to become a worthy opponent of PUBG, at least on Mobile platform.
  • Just to remind you that the Fortnite Mobile was not a big success because the game was not available on all the Android devices and also not supported by any Emulator. Call of Duty Mobile was a big success but the BR mode itself within the game got heavily criticized because of the dull gameplay. Also, another BR game called Garena Free Fire has quite a number of players at their pocket.

Wrapping Up

Many players already board with PUBG Mobile, they are looking for something new and exciting in the same genre, now it is to see if the H1Z1 Mobile can become that big change people need or not. Also, the game is expected to be emulator compatible, so that they can compete well against the Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile.

2 thoughts on “H1Z1 Mobile version game is about to launch”

  1. Nothing in this article is factual. No H1Z1 mobile version is “about to launch”.

    We’ve known that Daybreak and NantWorks formed a joint venture in Sep 2018, this is where Z1BR came from and then the team at NantG Mobile was disbanded, and we haven’t heard anything about NantG Mobile since.

    You also reference the EverQuest mobile game that NantG Mobile was also supposedly working on as if it was released, which its not.


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