Tekken 7 Pro Tips for the Beginners to master the game

Tekken 7 game is considered as one of the most popular but very hard to master. As this is a game where you normally play multiplayer against a real player, so perfecting your moves are very important in order to win. In this article, we are going to discuss the tips and tricks which can make you a master of this art.

This is the seventh instalment of Tekken, but from the very beginning Tekken has won the hearts of millions of fighting genre game lovers, so there is no surprise why Tekken 7 also received the same warm reception. Even after this long time of existence and the increasing no. of competitors like Marvel vs Capcom and Mortal Combat, Tekken is still the most popular at its genre. With the increasing popularity in the live streaming phenomenon over YouTube and Twitch, Tekken 7 found a new fan base apart from the players as well.

Also, Tekken 7 has a pretty hardcore and solid fan base, so you won’t find much armature players in this game while playing online multiplayer. But it is also true that with the new features introduced in Tekken 7, the game received even more new fans due to its modernization. The new features including the slow-motion feature, a variety of new guest characters, and the new intuitive game mechanics and also the cutting edge visual design have made a new step forward for the 3D fighting games.

Former Problems with Tekken

Tekken has always been a game which has the least accessibility for the new players. It features a vast list of moves and controls depending upon characters, also featured a difficult mobility system, and of course, the skill level required is always high. Through the years and with the new instalments coming up the problems have been exacerbated quite much. The Tekken games are accessible easily because of internet and the availability over all the major platforms; apart from Arcade Machine, Tekken 7 is now available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation also.

That is why it is high time to learn this game properly as in future Tekken franchise is going to penetrate the market even deeper, so if you master this game now, you can become a legendary player in future on this Tekken phenomenon.

How to play and Master Tekken 7 like a Pro

How to play and Master Tekken 7 like a Pro

Go through the below-discussed tips to learn the game even better and to master the game even faster.

Crouch Blocking in Tekken 7 is not a Good Idea

  • The most popular tactics for defence in the traditional 2D fighting games is the crouch blocking hold. Normally the Crouch Blocking Hold is used to eliminate the chance of your opponents from executing an overhead and any thrown attack. But in case of Tekken if you apply that tactics, it like inviting tour opponents to end the match soon as due to the 3D presentation of the game, many of the classic aspects got changed over time.
  • Remember at Tekken, there are mainly four kinds of attacks, highs, mids, lows, and throws. According to the names, the aimed attacks are for the head, chest & belly, torso and full body grab & throw attacks. But, according to the new aesthetics in Tekken 7 if you are doing crouch blocks then you are vulnerable to mid attacks, and this time the attacks may hit your head as you are crouching. So, doing a Crouch block hold giving you enemy easy chance to hit you with a mid attack by targeting your unguarded head position.
  • Also, you have to remember that mid attacks are the most common type of attacks in Tekken 7 or in any kind of similar game. With the mid attacks, you would be targeting most of the health of your opponents. Mid attacks also do cause more damage than the low attacks, so in order to defend the low attacks if you let your opponents hit you with mid attacks, you would be draining even quicker.
  • But, also remember many opponents would try to get you with multiple low attacks, as the low attacks are quite fast, and also a trap for you so that you go for the crouch defence mode. So, standing block hold to defend the mid attacks would be a good idea instead of crouch blocking, also you can use this same idea on your opponents by doing multiple low attacks on them, so they go to the crouch defence hold and provide an opportunity for you to execute clean mid attacks.

 Learning Moves & Finding Suitable Moves

  • Tekken 7 features more than 40 characters in the game to choose from. All of the characters do have their own unique styles of moves and different kinds of intimidating moves. So, if you sum up the list there would be a huge and unreasonable number of moves to memorize, which is really difficult. This problem occurs with the experienced players as well, so you have to overcome this problem with planning, not by unnecessary being a try-hard.
  • Out of loads of moves from each player, there are some specific combos and moves from each charterer which counts the most. You can find it is only 5-6 moves out of 10 moves which count as the most, and only those moves should be engraved in your mind and should be memorized in your finger muscles.
  • According to most of the professional Tekken players, mastering the several low attacks and mid attacks instead of high attacks and fancy overhead attacks is advised. Also mastering the fast panic buttons is necessary. Also, do not go over lots of characters every day, instead go for some specific characters every day, as mastering one is better than learning hundred. These are the building blocks of a strong and successful Tekken player.
  • Understanding the characters are also important, so adequate time of research and watching videos of different characters are also advised to learn how different characters and their different moves can put you under trouble so that you can stay out of them. In a small match like this, there is no coming back once your enemy has the upper hand on you, so it is better to stay out of the danger and playing safe, to do that you need to judge the incoming danger. Now the question is how to select the preferable moves for your usage.
  • The only way to do it is experimentation. As this preferred moves vary from person to person. It is very difficult to master all the moves but it is not that difficult to explore all the moves. So keep practising and noting down the favourite moves of yours, which you find powerful, useful, easy to use and easy to conquer. Use the punish training feature to discover the moves in an easier way.

 Learning the Mobility Movements are Very Crucial

  • Whether it is a video game or a real fight like MMA or Boxing the footwork is the most important thing to learn and master. In-game we call it mobility, and learning the mobility is very important, in order to master the game. And remember the mobility in Tekken 7 varies on a character to character and also a little difficult to master.
  • It is very complex for a new player to learn and perform the Korean Back Dash? Or Wave-dash? Or Crouch Dash? And it is not expected from a new or amateur player but if any player wants to learn Tekken 7 perfectly, then he/she should master this movement with time, and also should learn the timing of performing such movements. Even simple footwork like forwarding and backward motion is very crucial as perfect foot movement can make many of your opponents aggressive attacks an utter fail.
  • Though at the very beginning one should learn the Sidestep movement, the back-dash and also should know how to run. Also, it is very important to learn that you should not stand like a punching bag at the same place, but keep moving. Learning back-dash and performing that can save you from many aggressive attacks from your opponents. A well-timed back-dash also can create opportunity and opening for a big combo or a well-timed poke.