Horizon: Zero Dawn is Coming to PC, all about its release

There is news coming up from the insider sources that Sony is already working on their project to release the Horizon Zero Dawn on PC at this year, which is going to be a huge gamechanger as Sony does not release any of their PlayStation Exclusive games for the PC platform.

Horizon: Zero Dawn released on Sony PS4 back at 2017, and this one was not a big success for Sony, but also truly a great game as well. Sony is known for their exclusive games on their PlayStation platforms. Unlike Microsoft, Sony does not release their games on other platforms, no matter how big the success was. But this time there something different is going to happen. After three years from the official launch of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Sony is allegedly working on a secret project to surprise the PC gamers with their very first exclusive-club break release of the game on the PC platform, and the release is going to happen this year. This time maybe Sony is moving towards a business model where the games from Sony would be first-party exclusives, means the Sony games will come for PlayStation at first and after a couple of months or years, the game will be ported to the PC platform, as Microsoft has done before.

Horizon Zero Dawn is Coming to PC

Voice of the Fans

Not only the PlayStation users, but there are also millions of non-PlayStation users are there who can’t deny their attraction towards the PlayStation exclusive games; as most of the PlayStation exclusive games are really very-very good.

Even before there were many other games about which the fans, the PC community demanded and voted on various community over various websites, to get PC launch of many Sony big titles, like Killzone, Uncharted, Spiderman, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, The Last Guardian, Days Gone etc. but Sony has never worked for them. However, this time the Horizon Zero Dawn is going to bring the change.

Horizon Zero Dawn is coming from the developers called, Guerrilla Games’s who received phenomenal success with their Killzone Series. After Killzone, Horizon was there another smashing success when it was launched in 2017, and within a very short time, it became one of the best-selling games of all time on PlayStation. So, while listening to the fans demand, Sony is also about exploring a new market for themselves, and this step has been taken by Sony by seeing the dropping rate video Game piracy around the world. So, while Sony is about to check-in, in the PC gaming market, there is a possibility that we may see some other release from Sony in near future on their other previous exclusives on PS4, like God of War, Uncharted etc. Maybe I am being too much optimistic, but hey; there is no harm in being one.

About the release

According to the insider sources, Kotaku stated that Horizon Zero Dawn is definitely coming to the PC platform in 2020 as the project had begun from Sony’s side at Nov 2019. Though at Sony’s press conference Sony kept their mouth shut about the project, so there are not much official confirmation or official news about the project but speculations and rumours. But, if the launch occurs, then Horizon: Zero Dawn would be the first title developed by Guerrilla Games which would be released on any other platform than PlayStation since Sony acquired them back at 2005. As Horizon Zero Dawn has some DLC along with them, it is not still confirmed that the release for PC would contain them as DLCX or going to come in as a bundle pack.

About the game

Horizon Zero Dawn was a pretty dope game with very high visual effects and attractive graphics, and PS4 itself was a pretty powerful machine. So, though the game is from 2017, while the porting is happening, the developers would be optimizing the game for the PC platform for sure. This is how Horizon Zero Dawn is going to be a very high-graphics, high-demanding game this for sure, so you would be needing a pretty decent gaming PC in order to play the game. The same developers are making one more upcoming which will be launching at 2020, on PC and PlayStation platforms, which is going to use the Guerrilla Game’s impressive Decima Engine, and as the Horizon Zero Dawn used the same engine, the graphics and the visual effects are going to be breathtaking on PC.

Expectation & Conclusion

2020 is going to be a big year for the Sony Entertainments as they are shifting their dime from the total exclusive game market and also, they are about to release their next-gen console PS5. So, with new hardware and with a new business model they are hoping for further success as the fans are waiting for a better game and better experience and this time even the PC players are also in that same queue.