Sony accidentally confirmed a massive News leak on PS5

The PlayStation 5 launch is just around the corner. Also, the rumours are about an upcoming meeting of Sony in February on PlayStation. But, according to a leak, Sony just has confirmed the date which is February 5th, 2020. Though it is not confirmed whether from this date Pre-orders on PS5 would be starting on the PS5’s official launch conference would be held on that date.

The leaked news sources and explanations

The most peculiar and interesting thing is, the source from this news came into the air was the 4chan board, where the thread related to this topic has been deleted within 3-4 days of publishing. We do not know why the deletion of that thread happened and also don’t have any means of uncovering the truth or confirming the news as well, rather than wait. The second point is where Sony made a small modification to its Twitter handle for the Europe region which says:

Sony PS5 pre order
Image Source: Twitter

The tagline “It’s time to play” has never been used before for any kind of marketing, so if we consider it officially from Sony, then this one is a big deal. It says a date as well which is 14.02.2020, and the meeting is scheduled just one week before, so we can assume much from that, as the “Pre-Order Now” tagline is there as well. Now here comes the funny and interesting part that the deleted thread from the 4chan stated that PS5’s new slogan would be It’s time to play, now all that make sense to you, I think.

The real deal

While now plenty other sources have claimed that Sony’s PS5 unveil is going to take place on 5th February, just an official announcement is there we are waiting for. As Sony has not officially declined the speculations nor it is possible for them to remove all the threads from all the websites around the world.

The PS5 console’s final design is still a good-kept secret, though a model of Sony PS5 as below have been leaked months ago. But Sony already confirmed that though this model is one of theirs from PS5 project but not the consumer model, as it is moreover a development model or dev-kit for PS5 engineers. So, you can be sure that the final model would not be like this.

Sony PS5 leaked design
Image Source: Twitter

Now we also have an unofficial and leaked but first, look on the UI of PS5 itself thanks to the anonymous tipster for posting the following image on the 4chan through Reddit.

PS5 e UI looks quite similar to the PS4 UI
Image Source: Reddit

Though the UI looks quite similar to the PS4 UI, but if you look to the top left corner, you can see that it has a 1024GB (1 TB) storage, though this UI may have come from the same dev-kit model. Sony also said it officially that they would be putting SSD this time for storage, which will speed up the loading time so much that almost no loading time would be noticed.

The things we know for sure

  • PS5 is going to have at least 1TB SSD as storage
  • It will have the Blue-ray disk facility also.
  • No loading time, so very fast & very smooth.
  • The dev-kit model is not the final model, but maybe near final.
  • The UI is almost the same as PS4
  • The users will have a modular install option, which will allow the players to selectively download and install only the content they want to play, from a bundled pack.
  • The conference is going to happen on 5th Feb 2020 and maybe the online pre-orders are going be started from 14th Feb 2020