How to get access to the Valorant Closed Beta

Riot Games released the Valorant’s closed beta for their latest game called Valorant yesterday on 7th April 2020. There has been a lot of excitement about these game among the gaming communities and many questions were blooming within many gamers, as the trailer and gameplays which are available on YouTube are quite promising. The Closed Beta of Valorant is not available in all regions around the world, released for the European and North American region only. If you are from the Asia or Australia region then you have to wait for further news drop. As of now, only the players from Europe and NA region would be able to play the Valorant Closed beta.

We are including a quick & an easy guide for the players on how to download and install the Valorant closed beta at the authorized regions.

How to Access the Valorant closed beta

As the Riot Games already announcement that From April 2020 they are starting the testing phase on the closed beta of Valorant, so there would be very limited space available for the players on the server. Riot is already planning on expanding the closed beta to other regions as well, but if you are from the Europe, Russia, USA, Canada or Turkey then the game is already available at your region right now. But due to the COVID-19 virus, the expansion can take even longer time than expected. As the logistics supports are limited at this moment due to the global pandemic out there, and the space in the server is also limited, so the Valorant Closed beta accessibility will work on an invitation basis. So, you can join the game only if you have the invitation key for the game, from the Riot Games itself.

Here is how you can receive an invitation key:

  1. First, log in to the official site of riot Games and Register an account for free.
  2. Link the Riot Games account of yours with your Twitch account (create one if you do not have one).
  3. Keep Watching the Valorant Twitch streams from the selected content creators and live streamer, and watch the streams tagged with “Drops Enabled” only. You can watch the streams any time after 7th April 2020.
  4. By following the above three steps you will have a chance to receive closed beta keys randomly via Twitch drops. Remember if you are not a registered Twitch user, you are not eligible for receiving the Twitch drops.
  5. The above mention steps do not guarantee the access for the Valorant closed beta, but this is the only way by which you can expect to receive an invitation key, until further expansion on server and regions.

Basic info about Valorant

I would make a brief here on Valorant, so that you can understand easily that what you can expect from this game.

  • Valorant is a mainly a versus mode online multiplayer first-person shooter game, featuring a 5v5 squads (not 3v3 or 4v4). The basic is very much like Counter-Strike, as here one team would be given the target to detonate a spike on one of the three sites in the map, while the opponent team’s target would be to prevent the attackers from detonating the spike.
  • There are a couple of aspects in this game which has been quite like Overwatch, as it contains total 9 heroes as of the latest news, each of them is equipped with some unique abilities, which can be used within the game strategically.

  • Though you cannot access the game still now, you can download the game launcher. To download the launcher just visit the official site of riot Games, and to access the launcher you must have an active Riot Games account.
  • Valorant is being developed to become a massively-multiplayer-online game and to become an e-sports level player, so they are getting ready to penetrate the biggest gaming markets and the e-sports platforms.
  • Valorant is going to be completely free to play a game with microtransactions inside, just like Fortnite or Apex Legends.
  • Valorant is a very-very well-optimized game in terms of graphical performance and hardware support, as the Riot Games boasted, that the players even with the Intel Dual-core processor from 2008, would be able to run Valorant with decent graphics and FPS.
  • Riot Games also promised to ensure a 35ms ping throughout all regions to ensure best gameplay experience, after the complete launch of the game.

Wrapping Up

We would keep you informing about all other info about this game, as soon as we get some official news. As of right now, I am very much excited about this game. Also, if everything goes well, then Valorant can become a perfect replacement option for Counter-Strike, so the competition is also going to be awesome.