How to Unsend Messages On Snapchat- Updated Feature

Snapchat has made it possible to take back your words! Through Snapchat, you will now be able to retract risqué, embarrassing or incriminating messages sent by you just by using the Clear Chats option. This feature will roll out globally over the next few weeks. To use the message Unsend feature you need to update your Snapchat app to the latest version.

How to Delete Chat Messages for the friend on Snapchat

To use the same, you need to follow a couple of very simple steps.

  1. Open a one-on-one thread or chat.                                                                            Select snapchat message
  2. Hold on a text, video, image or audio note.
  3. You will then see a Delete button.                                                                              Hold text to get delete option in Snapchat
  4. Tap on Okay button to retract the message.                                                                    Confirm chat deletion
  5. It will ask again a confirmation, tap again on the Delete chat button to successfully delete the chat message on Snapchat.                                                                                                                          Snapchat message delete

However, this feature comes with a set of limitations. It will not work if the recipient is not connected to the internet. It will also not work if the recipient doesn’t have an updated version of the app. Moreover, the recipient will also be notified, and this will kill the fun in the game.