Snapchat’s ‘Dreams’ Feature: Turning Imagination into Reality with AI

Snapchat is one of the most interesting social media apps that has kept the youth hooked! The app that allows you to share your snaps as a mere glimpse or as stories that disappear after 24 hours was one of the unique features that the app first introduced to the world. With interesting and fun filters, Snapchat gained massive popularity and became everyone’s favorite app within a short span of time.

Ever since then, the app has been bringing in new features and updates to enhance the user experience. The app also lets you create snap streaks with your friends and upload your creative videos on Spotlight.

Most recently the Snapchat app entered the AI domain and introduced its very own My AI, which is an Artificial intelligence chatbot within the app. The chatbot responds like a human, just like a friend would, with interesting and realistic answers using generative technology. Initially, it used to only respond with texts, but it now also responds with a snap back!

And now, the app is all set to expand further by bringing a whole new Generative AI feature called “Dreams” which will enhance the AI experience of the users on the app.

But what new does this feature have to offer? Wondering what this feature will look like or how it will work? Read on to know!

What is “Dreams” and How will it work?

Well, for starters, SnapChat’s Dream feature will create interesting and imaginative backgrounds and scenarios for your pictures using Generative Artificial Intelligence Technology. The feature is pretty much similar to what the AI apps that are already available in the market offer the users. They let you add visionary background and improve the quality of your pictures.

 The app researcher and developer of the company, Steve Moser said that the company has been working on generative AI features. As per him, this feature is supposed to add ‘fantastical places and scenarios’ to the pictures that you take or upload.

To be able to use Dreams, users will need to upload their particular pictures and not the ones in which there are people with them. Also, to ensure the feature works its best, Snapchat would require clear and defined pictures of the users to be able to identify their facial features and work the Dreams magic on them.

Dreams with Friends

While Dreams is being added for individual users, the company is also working on a multi-user feature for Dreams. Moser revealed that the company is also planning to introduce Dreams with Friends to enable the users and their connections to use the feature together.

Dreams with Friends feature would allow users to invite their friends or give them permission to envision themselves in interesting scenarios together and create fascinating AI-generated pictures with them. According to 

 As per Moser’s discovery with reference to the “purchasing Dream Packs” within the Snapchat app, the company also plans to monetize this feature in the future. Also according to the first discovery of the feature in Spring, the feature would be placed right in between the Camera Roll and Stories.

However, there has been no official statement or confirmation from Snapchat on the same as yet, the feature will most likely be rolled out in the near future. We eagerly await to try out this feature and create interesting visionary images using Dreams!