Huawei will release smartphone with 3D rear camera in December

For Huawei mobile phones, taking pictures is already the strongest sign for them. Since users pay attention to the function of taking pictures of mobile phones, they will continue to increase research and development and expand their leading edge.

According to the latest report from Bloomberg, Huawei is developing a mobile phone codenamed Princeton, which will be released in December this year. The biggest feature is that it can take 3D photos.

According to the report, Huawei uses the sensor of Sony, and its 3D lens can accurately measure the distance by light reflection. In this feature, Huawei has also specially developed, the goal is to allow users to generate 3D models for themselves and their surroundings in real time, and others can share.

huawei 3D camera working

In addition, according to rumours, in addition to generating images that can be viewed from multiple angles, Huawei’s new camera can also create 3D characters and object models for use in augmented reality (AR) applications. The new camera will also allow developers to control apps and games in new ways, such as gestures. He added that some details may change as developers use the technology.

In addition to the mobile phone to be released in December, Huawei is expected to equip this 3D sensor in a number of new machines released in 2019. At present, Sony is developing rapidly on 3D sensors, especially in 2015. After the company Softkinetic, the company acquired the “time-of-flight” technology and combined with its own advantages, eventually sent the corresponding 3D sensor, and Huawei will use it.

For the future of 3D cameras, the industry is very optimistic, can create 3D characters and object models for augmented reality (AR) applications, which greatly increases the fun of using mobile phones.

Sources: Bloomberg and Mydrivers