Lenovo launches ThinkShield security solution and also showcased ThinkPad X1 Extreme

On December 4 in New Delhi, the Lenovo has launched a complete 360-degree end to end security solution called a ThinkShield– A 360-degree suite of solutions to keep businesses secure.

During the launch, even the Lenovo representatives have shown how SMBs and enterprises employees data and privacy unconsciously could fall in the eye prying eyes. It is an end to end solution to secure business devices, data, online presence and identity throughout their lifecycle.

The ThinkShield security suite focuses integrated at the deepest level to ensure the high level of security to the enterprises. This solution is a package that contains multiple security packages those the enterprises can opt according to the need. All the ThinkShield solutions are available on Thinkpads, ThinCenters and ThinkStations for upcoming along those were launched in April 2018 or earlier.

To develop the ThinkShield solution the Lenovo has collaborated with other companies such as BufferZone, Absolute and Cornet.

BIOS and firmware development to features like ThinkPad Privacy Guard security screens and industry-first webcam shutters, Lenovo builds protection into its product design.

Here are some security measures that take integrated into the ThinShield solution.

  • FIDO certified authenticators plus fingerprint technology to protect their employees’ identities.
  • Intel Authenticate—up to 7 authentications for security and flexibility
  • BIOS-based Smart USB protection
  • Lenovo WiFi Security, in partnership with Coronet, detects threats and notifies users when they are about to connect to unsafe wireless networks.
  • BUFFERZONE technology isolates online threats before they infect the whole organization.
  • Lenovo Endpoint Management, powered by MobileIron, a unified cloud and endpoint security across multiple devices.
  • Absolute Persistence technology provides IT admins with an unbreakable connection to all endpoint systems.
  • Service for wiping the drives and securely recycling the parts.
  •  Lenovo offers a paid Keep Your Drive service to ensures sensitive information never leaves customers’ hands.

ThinkShield  360 Degree security solution Key Features

  • Closes the security gap with up to 99% fewer common vulnerabilities and exposures compared to other competitors
  • Data
    • Trusted service providers ensure system, equipment, and data stay secure during repair and service.
    • ThinkPad PrivacyGuard integrated screen filter with gaze detection prevents shoulder surfing.
    • Absolute Persistence technology to help IT admins secure endpoints and respond to security incidents
  • Device
    • ThinkShutter camera cover that enables users to decide when to be seen
    • Vetted suppliers at every stage— for every component of Lenovo’s devices
  • Identity-
    • Up to 8 factors of authentication, many of which are supported by Intel Authenticate
    • Industry’s first FIDO certified authenticators ensure safer, password-free logins
    • BIOS-based USB protection on ThinkCentre desktops guards USB ports against unauthorized use.
  • Online
    • Online sandboxing compartmentalizes access and prevents hacking
    • WiFi Security with Coronet ensures a safe connection
    • Lenovo Endpoint Management powered by MobileIron to keep on-the-go employees secure.

While security has always been a priority for Lenovo, ThinkShield is a new security platform
across all Think products. ThinkShield’s comprehensive security strategy stems from partnerships with leading players such as Intel, Microsoft, FDIO Alliance, Coronet and many more.

From concept and development to supply chain and manufacturing, Lenovo ensures your device is secure from every angle by way of-

1. Supply Chain Security

a. Lenovo directly oversees the security of suppliers who build intelligent components

b. All suppliers must use industry standard practices and meet strict security and transparency measures.

c. Processes are aligned with Intel Transparent Supply Chain.

2. Secure product development and robust design

a. Built-in secure BIOS and firmware development is always being updated and optimized.

b. Industry’s first camera shutter (ThinkShutter) lets you decide when to be seen.

c. ThinkPad PrivacyGuard integrated screen filter with gaze detection prevents visual hacking.

3. Data protection throughout device lifecycle

a. Sensitive data stays secure when we wipe drives and securely recycle device parts.

b. Keep Your Drive service ensures sensitive information never leaves your hands.

Lenovo also showcased the latest addition to the premium ThinkPad X1 laptop portfolio, the ThinkPad X1 Extreme is designed for prosumers with NVIDIA discrete graphics. According to the company, ideal for data-intensive workloads along with graphics rendering.

Furthermore, the launch brought together technology professionals, Lenovo’s latest products and insightful
presentations from major industry experts (IDC) and influencers who are shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence and other transformative technologies.