Hubhopper and Samsung collab to introduce its diverse segment of audio content in India

To provide a new experience of Audio content to a huge number of audiences in India, the Hybhopper and Samsung came together. The Hubhopper is an AI-driven content aggregator plus one of the largest on-demand audio and podcasting platform whereas we all know who is Samsung.

Recently, they have released a press release which stated that they both aiming to deliver a new audio experience to Indian consumers. How they do this? So, for that Hubhopper app will be integrated on all Samsung Galaxy smartphones across the country.

They mentioned that, as we know the audio content is rapidly increasing and also the listening to them online because of cheap data packages. Moreover, the radio which was once the only medium to listen to songs now is not able to full fill the on-demand consumption habits of nearly 70% audio consumers today, so, podcasts appear as a fresh take.

Hubhopper and Samsung partner to transform audio content consumption patterns of Indians

In such a scenario, Hubhopper claimed that it has totally revamped the way people consume audio content in India within 4 years by vast podcast directory and a variety of content across genres ranging Society & Culture, Business, Games & Hobbies, Science & Medicine, Entertainment, Kids & Family, Education, Arts, Health, Music, Religion & Spirituality, etc.

With the Samsung Galaxy devices integration, this will move to the next level and helps to provide most relatable audio content for mobile users across all age groups. India ranks second in the list of countries spending the maximum time-consuming content,