In Qualcomm & iPhone dispute the Intel may get benefit of million dollars

According to the Winfuture German website, the Qualcomm confirmed during the recent announcement that Apple will not use the company’s chips for the upcoming iPhone generation. The multi-billion dollar business with Apple’s smartphone is finally going to tear.

Since the dispute over license payments between the chip manufacturer Qualcomm and Apple has flared up, there are already rumors about the frozen business relationship of the companies. Qualcomm has now come into its own and has confirmed during a conference call that the next big iPhone subcontractor order for LTE modems has not gone to Qualcomm: “We believe Apple intends to solely use our competitor’s modems rather than our modems in its next iPhone release, “said George Davis, CFO of Qualcomm, during the conference call with analysts.

iphone modem chip

According to the online magazine CNet, buyers of the next generation of iPhone are likely to expect that the next Apple smartphones will once again achieve significantly slower data connections. Already in a test was recently shown how the iPhone lags behind the top-of-the-range Android models. If Qualcomm no longer equips Apple with its modem chips, the speed gap should be even greater.

However, Qualcomm’s chip manager Cristiano Amon said that Apple’s decision does not mean that Qualcomm lost its business with Apple forever. For now, but maybe in the future can be rebooted.

Intel should get the benefit as Apple if selected as the new supplier. A few weeks ago it had become known that Intel was the beneficiary in the dispute between Apple and Qualcomm. Intel’s new XMM7560 modem chip should provide enough performance to make Apple independent of the chip giant Qualcomm.


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