Letstrack announces Voice Integrated Vehicle Security System

Letstrack which is already doing great in GPS tracking device manufacturing has announced its latest addition which is a kind AI voice feature for automobiles. Just like we talk to our smartphone assistant, in a similar way we can interact with the newly launched Letstarack Voice Integrated Vehicle Security System.

The Letstrack System is AI enabled that provides real-time data to give drivers a compelling experience. It integrates itself with the AI app of Google which makes the user interaction with Letstrack system almost 65% voice commands based.  This means the user could still focus on driving while interactive with the system. Moreover,  personalized shortcut commands in the app can be created to regulate a car.

The AI assistant app will let the driver know about his driving history such as how many stops I took last day, how much distance I travelled last week, what was my average speed yesterday, and much more.

Furthermore, we can control the acceleration of the Car over a voice command?  For example, say change speed limit of Audi to 80, and it’s all switched. It can also start or stop including cut the engine of the car or restore the car’s power via voice commands.

Frequent visit places tracks can be logged with the app and on the basis that, we can inquire later, the ideal time and distance to reach the desired location. It recommends the right direction and timing to evade delays.

Moreover, an immidiate action to severe conditions like a car breakdown or any medicinal emergency can be taken with the help of the voice-enabled vehicle security system.

Resource optimization; know the fuel, ignition, engine idle time status; keep track of your automobile from anywhere by asking questions on the app to know its exact location are some other feature of the Letstrack Vehicle system.

All you need is a smartphone, and you can leverage Lestrack voice-powered system on any vehicle model. Directly speak, and the voice-enabled app empowers you to operate the automobile as per your necessities.

Letstrack Voice AI