LG V40 is around the corner and rumored said it might be with five cameras

According to the Android Police report, sources close to LG revealed that the company is developing the successor model of the V30, and temporarily named the V40. Its main feature is the deployment of five cameras.

The specific arrangement of the five cameras is not yet clear. The more reasonable assumption is that the front two and the rear three should support 3D face recognition.

According to sources, the V40 is also equipped with Notch, but it has large 19.5:9 2K screen, back fingerprint design, built-in Snapdragon 845 chip,  and also retained the quad-core DAC HiFi.

Previously, LG had said that the G series insisted on LCD panels, and the V series would use more expensive OLEDs.

Although there are rumors that LG will adjust its flagship layout, from the perspective of G7 ThinQ’s launch, the possibility of continuing the generation of V40 in the second half of 2018 is still very high.

At present, the benchmark for post-three-camera comparison is Huawei P20 Pro, which is similar to the exclamation mark. Of course, the key to its success lies in the powerful hardware quality of the Sony IMX 600 CMOS and the joint hard work of the Huawei/Leica team.

Although LG is also a company that strongly emphasizes on photographing, G7 ThinQ’s CMOS has been criticized by consumers and hopes that this 5 shot stack can be taken care of.