LG’s new foldable phone design patent imitates Huawei Mate X

There was an era when people were having foldable feature phones, seemed quite stylish, however, that has been revamped with a touch of modern technology. If we see around, this year, a couple of big smartphone brands has come up with foldable design touch screen smartphones such as Huawei (MATE X), Motorola ( Motorola RAZR ) and Samsung (Samsung Galaxy Fold). Well, LG also doesn’t want to feel left behind which can be seen clearly with its recently registered patent.

According to the images in the patent application, the design of the foldable could be strongly influenced by the Huawei Mate X. Recently, Letsgodigital has published the patent sketch on its website which shows foldable smartphone design with borderless sides and laterally mounted sensor bar.

The screen is in the folded state on the outside of the device is similar to Huawei Mate X, however, unlike the Mate X, the sidebar is attached to the front of the housing to open and get a tablet format. This part is then considerably thinner than the left-hand side because the housing is attached to it, including all the necessary components.

LG-Foldable smartphone Patent desing

The patent design shows the would have three Camera lense at least along with some additional sensors. Yet, the technical specifications are not out and we can’t comment what kind of sensors it could have. However, by seeing the below LG’s foldable phone patent sketch, we can easily assume that it would consist top on/off button, a speaker and a microphone. Also, on the bottom side, we can see another speaker and a microphone along with a charging port and a round hole that looks like a 3.5 mm connection.

Following the sketch, we can see two speakers top and bottom which gives the idea of stereo speaker output on LG foldable.

LG Foldable smartphone patent sketch

The design was submitted to Hague International Design System-WIPO in May 2019 and on November 29, 2019, it made public. Well, LG has a strong reputation in terms of product quality and we could expect the same from this upcoming foldable phone, yet, nothing can be commented rigidly.