MACE Announces three Women Safety Product in India

Mace, an Indo-American joint venture in India has recently announced three products for women safety. The products are Pepper sprays, stun guns, and personal alarms.

These are not limited to the women safety only, they can use for personal safety by senior citizens, children, women, and men as well. Nobody wants any chaos in their life due to some random attack but still, we should have to carry some protection always with us for self-defense.

Now, the thing is we can’t carry some big weapons to prevent danger due to some unrest peoples around us, but we can the products like launched by the MACE.

According to the MACE, the safety of women, children, and elders around us is a crumbling illusion. Each day 92 women get raped in India, around 180 children go missing on an average every day; out of this 22 are from the National capital alone. It is horrifying yet true, but India ranks amongst the top 10 countries with the highest rape statistics. Even the elders are equally aggrieved, as per NCRB data, Delhi is the most unsafe place for senior citizens. But with over 30 years experience developing aerosol defense, Mace delivers options that fit your lifestyle and self-defense needs. They are easy to use and great for all ages, be it individuals, institutions, armed forces, and even police.

Pepper Sprays: These sprays are natural ingredients that irritate the eye, permitting an opportunity to escape. Mace Brand Pepper sprays are a careful blend of oleoresin capsicum (OC) in a non-flammable vehicle.

The company manufactures several different formulas–many of which include UV Dye to help identify a possible assailant and tear gas for an extra punch–in a variety of models and spray patterns. The defense sprays are formulated to be an effective, less-than-lethal means of self-defense.

Mace peper spray for women safety in india

Stun Guns: The product is exclusively crafted for the Armed forces and the Police. Stun guns disable by temporarily delivering a less-lethal, high-voltage electric shock.

Mace Brand stun guns provide a powerful and convenient option for self-defense. Our line of stun guns delivers a punch greater than their size. Each of the products provides a variety of options to fit your lifestyle and self-defense needs.

Stun Gun1

Personal Alarms: Personal alarms emit a loud siren-like sound to disorient or surprise an assailant or attract helpful attention. Mace Brand Personal Alarms are that perfect alternative to carrying pepper spray. Easy to carry and great for travel, personal alarms help get someone’s attention when you need immediate assistance.

Mace Personal Alarms 2

Furthermore, the company said their aim is to aware the citizens of the country to know “how to avoid unsafe encounters through their exhaustive range of safety products.”

The products are available at the price range starting from Rs. 499 on the e-commerce portals like Amazon and

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