How To Use Instagram On PC or Mac

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It is sad to note that Instagram has a very limiting web version. All you can do is browse through your feed and stories. It is not possible to either direct message someone or upload photos & videos from the Instagram website on a computer. Those who are using Windows 10 are a bit lucky because an Instagram app for this Windows version exists. However, everyone else is suffering.  Even so, there are solutions use Instagram on other systems like MAC or Linux.

how to use instagram on PC or MAC

Direct Instagram Messaging Using Bluestack

The easiest way to send Instagram Direct Messages on PC or Mac is by using BlueStacks which is an emulator for Android. This is a program that lets you run Android applications on your computer. To get it, all you have to do is download it from their official website.

Once you have downloaded it and it is ready for use, you can click on the ‘my apps’ button then the ‘system app’ button. You will see the Google Play button; click on it. Search for Instagram and download it. When it is downloaded, install it, and it will be ready to use.

Instagram on PC via Bluestack

With the Instagram that you have downloaded, you can now do all you want on your computer. You can easily send direct messages like you would do when using a phone. Go to the right corner of the screen and click on the ‘Instagram Direct’ icon. You can then text anyone you like and enjoy communicating through Instagram on your PC or Mac.

Uploading Photos and Videos using Gramblr

When it comes to uploading, people have used numerous ways that have proved to be very hectic and an inconvenience. Those that use iPads are lucky because they can use their camera connection kit.

There is also the option of emailing a photo from the PC and then uploading it to Instagram. All these methods have their stress and problems. This brings us to the easiest way to go around this; Gramblr.

Gramblr is compatible with Mac OS X and windows. It is an application that helps you upload all the fun videos and pictures to Instagram from your PC without any struggles.

If you are using Mac OS X, make a right click and choose open then click on the message box to open it. Once the app is running on your computer, using it is very easy. All you have to do for Gramblr version 1 is as follows.

  • Sign into your Instagram account
  • Select the photo
  • Add a caption to the photo
  • Click ‘upload’ button.

When using Gramblr version 2, register to Gramblr first then proceed with the steps. To know that the uploading was successful, the text boxes should not be empty.

How To use Instagram on MAC

Using Mac also gives one an ability to go around this problem if they have Safari as the default browser. Go to the ‘preferences’ option and then click on ‘Advanced.’

On the menu bar at the bottom, check the ‘show develop menu.’ Open a Private window and select Develop ->User Agent -> Safari iOS 10 – iPhone. Once you are done, you will be able to use Instagram as though you were on your phone. You will be able to post photos and do so much more.

Nothing can now prevent you from posting photos or messaging friends on Instagram from your desktop.

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