Microsoft purchased GitHub- Deal is final at $7.5 billion

Microsoft is all set to purchase the popular coding platform GitHub. This news is fresh as dew, and the deal could be finalized as early as tomorrow. Finally, as per the Microsoft blog, the deal is final and it going to acquire the GitHub. This deal will charge $7.5 billion to Microsoft stock in order to purchase Github. 

Last week, there was a series of news reports on the meetings between the two parties. Microsoft has been making all efforts lately to court developers and to enhance its base. This deal thus makes a lot of sense in this regard. GitHub is also elated as it states that it is “impressed” by Satya Nadella.

Microsoft is all set to purchase GitHub

Satya Nadella’s address during the Build conference last year did give out a lot of clues about Microsoft’s stand in this regard. He said that the developers have never before been enshrined with such great opportunities to work for the betterment of the society. However, with opportunities come responsibilities.

This dramatic acquisition will now give Microsoft access to a whopping 27 million developers. Much like every organisation, there is diversity on GitHub too. This development sways not all of these 27 million developers.

GitHub had been recently struggling with the internal structure of the organisation. Chris Wanstrath had made the official announcement of stepping down from his role as the CEO a year back. The organisation had been struggling since then to fill the vacuum left by him. The times have been going badly for GitHub. Earlier this year, GitHub was attacked by the most massive DDoS attack on record. Amazingly, it recovered within 10 minutes or so.

Announcements regarding the details of the deal and what it will mean for GitHub and Microsoft are yet to be made. Microsoft has refused to comment on the issue for now. So, it might just be another rumour.