Samsung Begins Mass Production Of High Capacity SSD – 30.72TB

The Samsung has unveiled the largest industrial capacity SAS SSD drive (Serial-Attached SCSI solid-state drive) with 30.72TB that is built out of the latest V-NAND chips with 64-layer, 3-bit 512-gigabit (Gb) chips packed in 2.5-inch SATA SSD.

It has new ‘PM1643’ is built on latest 512Gb V-NAND to offer the most advanced storage, featuring industry-first 1TB NAND flash package, 40GB of DRAM, new controller, and custom software. The Samsung has combines 32 of the new 1TB NAND flash packages, each comprised of 16 stacked layers of 512Gb V-NAND chips.

As per the Samsung, the drive is based on a 12Gb/s SAS interface and can provide random read and write speeds of up to 400,000 IOPS and 50,000 IOPS, and sequential read and write speeds of up to 2,100MB/s and 1,700 MB/s, respectively.

Samsung is the first to applies Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology to interconnect 8Gb DDR4 chips in the PM1643 drive, creating 10 4GB TSV DRAM packages, totaling 40GB of DRAM. This marks the first time that TSV-applied DRAM has been used in an SSD.

Samsung Begins Mass Production Of High Capacity SSD – 30.72TB

Furthermore, it features:

  • Hardware ingenuity is enhanced software that supports metadata protection as well as data retention and recovery from sudden power failures.
  • Error correction code (ECC) algorithm to ensure high reliability and minimal storage maintenance.
  •  Robust endurance level of one full drive writes per day (DWPD), which translates into writing 30.72TB of data every day over the five-year warranty period without failure.
  • The PM1643 also offers a mean time between failures (MTBF) of two million hours.

Samsung started manufacturing of the 30.72TB SSDs in January and later plans to expand it– with 15.36TB, 7.68TB, 3.84TB, 1.92TB, 960GB and 800GB versions.