Samsung S10 leaked renderings will give a goose bump to iPhone users

According to the rumours and the tweets, Samsung will release the Galaxy S10 in February next year. This mobile phone, together along with the folding screen mobile phone, is regarded by Samsung as a catalyst for the recovery of its mobile phone business. It depends on whether everyone buys it.

Now, the news from different sources on the Galaxy S10 shows that it will be a radical shift in terms of the design. As per the leaked images, the smartphone will possess a true edge to edge display all around with no notch. Instead of that, it would have a small round circle which appears as a punch hole at the left side on the display. Actually, this small circular space is for the front camera.

Samsun S10 leaked images

Here is the side by side view of the Galaxy S10+ (6.3″) vs iPhone Xs Max (6.5″). In front of Samsung S10, the iPhone XR seems a bit sweaty.

smasung galaxy S10 and iPhone XR

From the picture, the Samsung Galaxy S10 uses the Infinity O perforated display. Specifically, the front camera opening is placed in the upper left corner of the screen. Regardless of whether you can accept it, at least the screen ratio of the whole machine is very high.

Samsung S10 leaked images 2018

It is reported that there will be multiple versions of the upcoming Galaxy S10, including a special edition, code-named “Beyond X”, equipped with a 6.7-inch screen, support 5G network, and may have 6 cameras, specifically front-end Dual camera, rear four cameras, however, all these are still dice and need an official evidence to claim.

Other versions of the S10 are: SM-G970x is a 5.8-inch direct-screen version, 64GB storage starts, non-screen fingerprint; SM-G973x is a 5.8-inch curved screen that supports screen fingerprints; G975x is the flagship of the whole system, the screen is up to 6.44 inches, also equipped the screen fingerprint.