• Youtube API tutorial: How to Generate it on Google Console

    The Youtube API (Application programming interface) allows developers to call two types of data using REST and XML-RPX. The two types of data are YouTueb video statistics and Youtube Channels plus their videos. With the help of the YouTube API, the developers or other users can directly integrate the YouTube video experience into their webpage, apps or other devices or software tools.

    Here in this tutorial, we let you know how to get your YouTube API from the Google Console step by step.

    Step 1: Go to https://console.developers.google.com.

    Step 2: Login with your Gmail ID.

    Step 3: Create Project

    Click on the Select a Project drop down box to create a new project.

    crearte a project

    Step 4: New Project for YouTube API.

    If you already have an existing project then you can use that otherwise click on the New Project option.

    new project created

    Step 5: Assign some name to your Project and click on the Create button.

    enter the project name

    Step 6: Now Select the created project. In our case it is MiniTube.

    Click on the project and then on the Open button.

    choose the project

    Step 7: Enable APIS and services

    From the Dashboard of your created project click on the Enable APIS and services link.

    Enable API and services

    Step 8: YouTube Data API V3

    After enabling the APIs and other services for your newly created project, go to the search box and type YouTube. You will get a few results among them select the YouTube Data API V3.

    Search for Youtube API

    Step 9: Click on the Enable button

    Enable YouTube API


    Step 10: Select the Manage option

    manage youtube API

    Step 11: Create Credentials

    Under the Youtube Data API v3, click on the Credentials option from the left side pane.

    youtube api credentila

    Use the Create Credentials option given on the top.

    Api credentials

    Enter the following details:

    Which API are you using?

    YouTube Data API v3

    Where will you be calling the API from?

    In our case, we are select the Web browser (Javascript). You can choose according to your application requirement.

    What data will you be accessing?

    We want to access the public data available on YouTube, thus, we selected the same.

    After all the options, click on the What Credentials do I need? To get API keys.

    Browser Youtube APi key

    Click on the DONE button.

    Add credentials to your project

    Now under Credentials ->API keys copy the generated key and placed it where you want.

    Copy the API key

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