Sectors that are most likely to boost post COVID-19 in India

The pandemic Coronavirus has no doubt bought the entire world to a standstill, and already almost entire globe is facing a kind of recession and suffering immense losses every day, but still, there are some sectors that can emerge as the real winners after COVID 19 is done, perhaps after a proper vaccine is developed and everything is brought under control. So, which are these five sectors? Let us discuss in brief:


Health Care sector

This sector is already in huge demands and its demand is only going to increase exponentially every passing day. Ever since the Coronavirus broke out, people have become a lot of health-conscious, and a huge number of people are now buying and consuming everything that one had never thought of consuming before. A good example of the same is a product like Chyawanprash, a few months back a handful people used to consume it, but now it is almost out of stock every time, and you will hardly find it, the same goes with the likes of Amla juice, Karela Jamun juice, and so on.

All these products are quite expensive and most of the people used to stay away from them, but ever since the guidelines from government agencies like AYUSH ministry came that suggested that all of them have the power to boost your immunity and keep you safe, all the people rushed to buy them, and believe me this trend is going to be maintained even after the pandemic is over.

Not only this, no one is alien with the fact that not a lot of people used to buy sanitizers, but now they are the lifeline of all of us, and again they are also going to be the most popular medical product in the wish list of most of us for years to come. All of these will serve many advantages like – due to increased demands, it will eventually lead to more and more employment in the medical sector, which is the most important thing as of now, as crores of people have lost their jobs in India alone, and it will also push the people more and more to the digital world, as a lot of people are already placing their orders on the apps instead of moving out of their homes.

Online Education 

Online Education sector

The uninvited guest from Wuhan has forced all the educational institutions to remain shut, so it has transformed the normal physical classes into the online classes, and the online learning has come as a boon for all the students and teachers in this tough time, all thanks to the priceless technology. Technology has made sure that your quest and hunger for studies and learning remains just the same and it is not at all hampered.

A lot of schools, college and even special coaching institutions are already shifted into this method and going great, and one of the biggest advantages of this process, which I personally wish to highlight is that most of the introverts and shy students who never used to ask any question or doubts in normal classes are now clarifying all their queries in this digital world. A lot of online classes are freely available on various platforms for free, while some are charged but that too at a very nominal rate.

According to some reports, this industry is already growing faster than ever before amidst the lockdown and is expected to cross the crazy $20 billion mark in just two years. I know that the present scenario is of doing or die for all the students and educators, but believe me, once the pandemic is over, it is most likely to become one of the hottest trends and also a favourite one among many students and educators. Read More: Top Edu-tech trends to rule India’s virtual learning space in 2020

Banking Sector

Banking Sector

Yes, I admit that most of you would be surprised to see this category, as all of our banks are going through tough times and RBI is continuously injecting a lot of money into them. But, if all of us just try to visualise the fact that our country India is a cash-driven economy, and most of the people ranging from small to mid-ranged businessman would rush to the banks for various loans, and no doubt we can expect our RBI to inject money into the market to overcome recession via our banks, and in this way, all pour banks would be lending huge loans to all the people and earning a good amount of money by the interest charged on the loan.

In this process, our banks will in no time get back into their normal position and even shine more and more. And we should also remember that this lockdown has shifted a lot of people from traditional cash payments to digital transactions, a huge number of our population is now very well versed with it. So, this rapid change will further help the banks to make everything digital slowly and steadily and this will, in turn, enhance the performance and stability of our banking industry.

IT- Information Technology

Information Technology

This would again come as a surprise to you, as this is one of the major sectors that has witnessed huge salary cuts, and firing of employees. But again, we have also seen the good steps taken by this sector, as a lot of  IT firms are allowing their employees to work from home, and arranging safe food and lodging facilities for all those who are working from the office.

All these are indicators of two very positive things, in the long run, first, even after facing losses, the firms are taking care of their workforce and secondly not shutting the work completely. Both of these things are a kind of investment by the firms in the long run. And believe me, once our life gets back to normal, entire India, even if not entire, a large part of India is all set to go digital, and it indicates that gigantic opportunities are all set to be knocking the doors of the IT firms, as a result, this sector might reach cloud 9. Read: Five Technologies helping us to control novel COVID-19


Ecommerce Sector

This is again one of the favourites and life-saving gift of technology to all of us, and almost each and every family is using it, even those who had never ever thought of using it before. Most of us used to rely on our neighbourhood grocery stores or supermarkets for buying all our essential household stuff. But after the mysterious virus mauled the good old blue planet of ours, life has seen a drastic change, and most of us have shifted to towards the e-commerce.

Apps like BigBasket, Grofers, Amazon, and much more have become just like our family members as a lot of people p[lace their orders on a frequent basis. The reasons for the same are many, some of them include the fact that it allows people to stay indoors as much as possible; secondly, multiple payment options are supported in it, so there is no need for cash payment anymore. This change is also very likely to become one of the biggest trends in the coming years and this sector which is already playing in billions of dollars in India is only set to increase in magical figures.


Thus, these are the five sectors which are expected to boost post-COVID 19. No doubt, no one knows when the situation will get better, it might be possible that some other sector also enters this squad or even outshines others, nop one can say, but as per the current scenario, these are the five sectors that will definitely grow more and more and after the virus is gone, they will most probably break their own records when it comes to demands and revenues.