Security issue in MyGov website

Indian cyber security expert Surya Pratap Singh who is currently the CEO of Aezowie Infotech Services Private Limited ( reported a news to us. It is a serious news for users. Surya reported that on 8-12-2018 he opened the website to check the updates but he was little confused to see that there is no option to log in with MyGov which is the primary option for users who have MyGov account to log in on Startup India website of the Indian government.

The similar thing found on official MyGov website ( of Indian Government as you can see in the images given here. According to cyber expert Surya, not just the login system but currently MyGov have problem in its entire database, the website can’t fetch and show the facts correctly which is a serious security issue because instead of facts or information it is showing the table names of database in this format {{users}} , {{}} , which can be the goldmine for hackers and cybercriminals.

This sudden problem in the MyGov website also affects the official website of the Indian government. Users who log in on Startup India website via MyGov account are not able to log in because it has an integrated login system of MyGov Auth. which provides the login system to MyGov and some other government websites so currently, Startup India removed that login option form website.

Screenshot (418) Screenshot (419) Screenshot (420)

How users can get rid of it:-

Cyber Expert Surya Pratap Singh told that he is watching this problem from 4 days but the government didn’t resolve it yet which is pointing towards some serious issue. Surya advised that users must adopt safety measures and change their passwords immediately. Currently, users can log in to there MyGov accounts via this link –

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  1. There is an Australian Mygov government website also. There’s been multiple issues with the website. Also look into Australian social security history – Patrick Lanigan lived in Australia, but died in Turkey, he was involved in moving Australian welfare services online. There’s a major integration mess going on here. Many westerners have no idea about transgenerational issues or the need for multicultural integration. Everything is being held up and glitching. Tectonic plate history appears to be involved also. Gondwana.


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