How to install Winbox on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

What is Winbox?

Winbox is a free application meant for Windows operating system to remotely configure Mikrotik RouterOS. It is developed by the Mikrotik. It has a secure graphical user interface that allows administrators to execute the commands securely and very light in weight. Winbox developed natively only for Windows to run on Win32 binary but the MacOS and Linux users can run it via Wine.

Configuration RouterOS through the Graphical user interface is easy rather long commands those sometimes not easy to remember.

Winbox latest version features:

  • Winbox.exe is signed with an Extended Validation certificate, issued by SIA Mikrotīkls (MikroTik).
  • Both sides verify that other side knows the password
  • Winbox in RoMON mode requires that agent to connect to latest version routers.
  • WinBox uses ECSRP for key exchange and authentication
  • Winbox uses AES128-CBC-SHA as an encryption algorithm

If you are a Linux user such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Debian then here is the way to install the Winbox.

Install Winbox on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

This tutorial we are performing on the Ubuntu 18.04 but it is same for Linux Mint and other Ubuntu version such as Ubuntu 17.04, 16.04, 15.04,14.04,13.04,12.04, 11.04 …

Step 1: Login Ubuntu as Root

Open the command terminal and log in as a root user. For that just type su and enter the root user password.

Step 2: Install Wine on Ubuntu

The Wine is a Windows Emulator application that allows running Windows application on Linux operating systems.

To install the Wine for Ubuntu or LinuxMint just type and execute the below command:

apt-get install wine-stable
apt-get install wine

install wine on Ubuntu

Step 3: Downloading Winbox

After installing the Wine, its time to download the Mikrotik RouterOs configurer Winbox. Open the browser and use this link  to download WinBox.

WinBox download

Step 4: Installing Winbox in Ubuntu via wine

Now we have both Wine and Winbox. Use the below command to install the Winbox on Wine for Ubuntu or Linux Mint.

After downloading the Winbox either go to the download location right click on the file and install with Wine or in Command terminal switch to the download directory and run the below-given command.

CD Downloads
wine winbox.exe

winbox ubuntu linuxmint

Winbox on Ubutnu installed successfully

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