Tata Tele Business Services announced the launch of two unique offerings in the Indian market

The Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) which is one of the largest connectivity and communication solutions provider in India for businesses; Today, they have announced two new solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. They are:

1) Ultra Low Latency (LOLA) solution  

Ultra LOLA is a technological solution that from telecom infrastructure to institutional stock traders meant to make the analyzation of the market data in real time.

2) Service Level Agreement (SLA) on Wireline Voice Services 

The SLA on Wireline Voice Services is designed to address the growing requirements of enterprises who want to stay connected with their stakeholders 24X7 without any disruption in services. TTBS introduced Uptime guarantee for Wireline Voice Services, making it the first service provider to offer so. In case of any disruption, TTBS will provide service credits to the customer.

The Ultra Low Latency (LOLA) solution is for institutional stock trading firms while the Service Level Agreement for different SMEs in India.

TTBS’s these two new offerings are in line with the customer-centric approach to further strengthen and consolidate its leadership position in the Indian enterprise space.

Tata Tele Business Services

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Prateek Pashine, President – Enterprise Business, Tata Tele Business Services, saidTelecom services are becoming core to businesses today for them to connect more effectively with their customers, manage their operations and manage assets and workforce. Superior ways to connect with customers, better response times to market triggers and availability of connectivity often distinguishes the winners from the also-ran in various industries today. At TTBS, we constantly strive to design innovative and technologically advanced business solutions that our enterprise customers can leverage in their digital transformation journey and achieve better business outcomes. We are proud to launch two very unique offerings – Uptime guarantee on Wireline Voice Services and Ultra LOLA solution that are specially designed to deliver unprecedented benefits to our enterprise customers in India.”

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