Tenable Research Exposed New Vulnerabilities in Verizon Routers

Tenable which is the Cyber Exposure company has announced that in their recent research they found multiple susceptibilities in Verizon Fios Quantum Gateway routers.

They claimed if someone tries to exploit these discovered vulnerabilities he/she could get complete control over the router and can access anything connected through the router. In the US, millions of devices connected through Version router in homes can fall into the prey hands.

Furthermore, with the propagating concept of IoT that turning more and more homes into smart homes, the routers are the backbone for devices to confabulate with each other; in such scenarios, the simple home router can become the top target of cyber miscreants.

These latest vulnerabilities discovered by Tenable Research (CVE-2019-3914, CVE-2019-3915 and CVE-2019-3916) enable a number of attack scenarios that extend to smart devices, such as home security systems, that are connected to the router and can be compromised remotely.

An attacker could tamper with the security settings of the device, change firewall rules or remove parental controls. They could sniff network traffic to further compromise a victim’s online accounts, steal bank details and swipe passwords.

Verizon has advised that firmware version will address these vulnerabilities and that affected devices will be updated remotely. Users are urged to confirm their device is updated to this version and to contact Verizon with any questions.

For more info about the vulnerabilities see the Tenable blog