The latest introductions in the Android Messages app

Google has recently planned to update the Android Messages app to introduce new features within it. The biggest feature will be the integration of RCS into Google Messages, which means you can send messages to almost all kinds of recipients, seamlessly. Google has launched a number of other messaging applications in the past, which include Google Talk, Hangouts, Voice, Google+, Allo, and many others. But none of them earned a lot of popularity apart from Google Talk, which was very popular in the last decade for being the only decent messaging app at that time.

Google Allo is going to be abandoned by Google, and as a part of the other new features in the Google Messages app, users can even avail the Google Messages web platform to send and receive messages. Users can access the web platform by visiting Just like WhatsApp web, the users will have to scan the QR code on the web browser from the Android Messages app on their smartphone to get started. The 10-digit mobile number of the user will be used as the credential, and thus, it won’t be a problem if you port out from your carrier.

Though there are numerous limitations, which the users can face. Being QR-code based, the users cannot access their Android Messages from multiple devices at the same time. Apart from that, both the devices should be connected to the internet for enjoying the feature. Thus, there are limitations, if the feature is compared to Hangouts app, which is available on the Chrome app. The limitations might be overcome by Google in the future, maybe till the cows come home!

But the biggest advantage is the introduction of the RCS feature. Though the RCS feature or the Android web messaging feature is yet not available. But the web-based messaging will surely be available shortly, maybe within the next week. The availability of the RCS feature is also dependent on the carriers, and thus, to get the advantage of the RCS feature in the true sense of the term, users will have to wait for quite some time. Android Messages is the default SMS app on smartphones with stock Android user interface, but the other users can even download it from the Play Store.

What is your view about the updates, which will be made to the Android Messages app? Surely let me know about it in the comment section down below.

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