Top Emerging Courses in Information Technology

Are you looking for new courses? Bored of the original courses present? Would you like to participate in new opportunities? Then to solve all your problems we have created this post in which we have taken into consideration many fields which are quite new and emerging fields and need a lot of attention. It has a wide range of opportunities which are better than the present opportunities present in the market.

Today students prefer taking most of the professional courses such as Engineering, medical, law, and C.A. (Chartered Accounting) courses. But these days the new courses have created wider opportunities in the market and are very much different from the current courses we have today and will fill the world with a wide variety of opportunities. These all-new courses help students get much better pay-rates available today.

Top Emerging Courses in Information Technology

So now we will have a look at those courses which will help you in future and are much better alternatives to the courses present today –

Course-related to Artificial Intelligence

Are you interested to make machines powerful? Does machine completing your work fascinates you? Then why not be a part of it, contribute to its growth. This is a much wider field which is a growing field with tremendous opportunities and eases the communication gap between the man and the machines. It fills the gap and also empowers the machines to complete the tasks as completed by the people. There had been many developments in this field and we can see the real-life examples like ‘Siri’, ‘Cortana’ as well as ‘Alexa’. They can recognize people speech as well as obey the commands of the voice, plan your schedules, communicate as well as solve your problem for you.

Those people who wish to take this course should be prepared to study physics, mathematics, chemistry and other science subjects. Even you need to get a grasp on the programming languages which will help in developing the machines for you and upgrade the field of artificial intelligence by introducing many other new technologies which will take it to a whole new level.

Many colleges in India are offering the Artificial Intelligence course and it is offered by the University of Hyderabad, IIT Bombay, IISC Bangalore, ISI Kolkata, and IIT Madras.

After studying these courses you will get better job opportunities which will include Software Developer, Game Developer, Robotics Engineer as well as Computer Scientists.


Course Related to Cyber security

Catching criminals feel interesting for you? Are you a computer buff who always sit on a computer and try to get into networks? Do you like to examine your network and check how you can get inside? This is a really lucrative option and a real emerging trend which has really good offers and really large pay. As the world is modernizing today at a really fast pace and every person today is shifting to technology to support their day-to-day lives.

Computers today with the advancement of technology are also getting many risks and vulnerabilities. As you are paying your bills today over the internet, you are entering your card as well as bank details which an attacker might exploit and rip you off your money.

So, in the cybersecurity field, a person gets hired to check the vulnerabilities in the company’s websites as well as all other applications.

Forgetting this advantage and work in this field you will need to study Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science or Information Technology and focus on the security aspect more.

Then you will be able to get a job as a Software Analyst, Software Programmer and get a really good job with a package of up to 5 lakhs per annum.

Course-related to Nanotechnology

‘Nano ‘which means ‘mini things ‘which you even cannot see with your necked eyes. This field of study has gained a huge traction as well as many people are enrolling in this course. Application of nanotechnology can be found in many fields from the beverage industry, agriculture, and medical fields. Even students can opt to work in the teaching line as it has really good job opportunities in this field. Even there are a lot of job opportunities present in the Government regarding the same.

Course-related to Cloud-Computing

This field is quite vast and interesting field to study. This course focuses on not only helping you build a better career but is also a really better advantage to the companies as it helps in storing all the information directly on the cloud and this makes it beneficial for everyone to get it anywhere in the world.

There are many jobs present in the field and you can be cloud software architect, a technical analyst as well as a cloud developer with a pay up to 20 lakhs per annum which is a really good pay If you are just starting out.

To achieve this you need a degree of Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and which is available in many good Universities in India.

Even you can a certificate in Cloud computing to gather extra knowledge which will be helpful or you can take a B.Tech with a specialization course at a University.

Course-related to Graphic Designing

This course has a really wide field and is a really good field for students with imagination, design knowledge as well as capability to understand the designing.

In Graphic Designing you need to be really artistic while making the designs as this course features you to make better graphics for the computers and increase the essence of the computers so that it can be transitioned to a better stage.

This course offers you with a learning of the design industry and helps you grow your skills to get better job opportunities

There are lots of bachelor degrees, master degrees, and certificate courses available today and you can pursue any of them. The best universities to study the Graphic Design Course to get good opportunities are IIT Bombay, Symbiosis University, and the National University of Design, in New Delhi.

So in this post, we have summarized various fields which are quite new and emerging in India and have quite better opportunities. You can consider any of the opportunities mentioned above which suits you better.

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