Tono system launches Optical Active 4k HDMI for longer coverage

TONO Systems, a manufacturer for speciality audio and video products for home and professional setups, today announced the launch of its first new line category of High-Speed HDMI Cables with Optical Active 4k HDMI for up to 100 meters.

The newly launched Tono Rapid Series Fiber HDMI Cable is the most reliable option for long reach HDMI (4K60Hz subsampling 4:4:4/4:2:2/4:2:0) (8 bit for 4:4:4/ 12 bit for 4:2:2/ 16 bit for 4:2:0 colour depth) interconnection solution. The cable supports HDMI2.0b Maximum Data Rate 18Gbps. This TONO cable is not only ultra-light, flexible and thin, but has better bending radius hybrid cable. It is embedded with advanced optical engine, which helps achieve full HDMI2.0b signal integrity. Tono cable meets the latest HDMI standards on ‘easy to handle’ and comes with 2 years warranty.

Talking about the TONO High-Speed HDMI Rapid Cables, Nikhil Morey, Founder of TONO Systems said,There are spaces where the cable needs to be thin in profile, yet carry the 4k data signal. The risk of bending a thick cable and breaking is high due to rigidity. We are proud that Tono Rapid cables are capable of solving this problem without affecting the output and are an ideal companion for ultra-high definition products. Tono Systems aims to address the challenges faced by customers with its innovative range of products, and Tono Rapid Cable is one such effort from our end.”

The company also mentioned in the press release:  The wide range of TONO products have proved to be the most powerful solutions in helping consumers experience the eye-popping resolution of the latest state-of-the-art technologies and products. Currently, TONO is the only Indian manufacturer that facilitates countrywide installation and extensive customization support.


Tono Rapid Series Fiber HDMI Cable