Top 5 tech accessories to gift your mother this Mother’s day 2018

Mother’s love is unconditional and the purest. She does everything it takes to make her child happy. So this mother’s day make your mom feel special as she is the one who makes each moment of your life special through her gestures and deeds.

This Mother’s Day say no to the clichéd gifts and surprise her with a gadget that will make her life easier and better.

Funky Power Bank:

Funky powerbank

With an increased usage of mobile phones, draining of the battery is usually the most common problem for mothers. This is something that becomes an issue in continuing long conversations. So why not gift her a funky power bank and always stay connected with your mother. Now a day’s gadgets are becoming increasingly smaller and lighter so that they can be easily carried in our pockets.  SYSKA brings you 8000mAh Power Wallet 80 as an affordable Power bank. Power Wallet 80 Power bank is available at Rs. 2,499/- across all leading e-commerce plat forms.


Portable Bluetooth Speaker:

Portable bluetooth Speaker

Mothers enjoy listening to her favorite songs at her own leisure. It is the best form of stress buster for them and a portable speaker can be easily carried without any problem which means that music does not have any limitation anymore! PTron Sonor Mini Bluetooth Speaker is portable and is deceptively loud for its size. PTron Sonor speaker can be used to enjoy loud, clear music on your device anytime anywhere. The product is available on for INR 899/-


Tile Tracker:

Tile Tracker

If your mother keeps losing track of all her stuff, then a Tile tracker is exactly what they need. Loop one through your keychain, slip it into your wallet, or even stick one on your laptop and use the app on your phone to keep track of everything at minimal cost of Rs 190/-





E readers:

E readers

If your mother is fond of reading, an e-reader is probably the best gadget you can gift her. And Amazon’s Kindle range has more than enough options. While the Glare Free variant is the cheapest option (Rs 6,999), the Paper White variant comes with a backlit display too. Another option is the Kindle Voyage that lasts for weeks on a single charge.

Fitness band:

Fitness band

If your mother is someone who is a health freak, they would appreciate this gift even more. MI fitness bands are a great choice as gifts. Not only are they available in a plethora of options from funky colors to displays and prices, but also serve as a cool piece of tech to keep your mother hale and hearty. If both of you are stuck on the thought to start being healthy, this can be a good way to ignite the bond through some exercising together. Available at an affordable price of Rs 1000/-