Top 8 Common but affordable Gadget Gift Ideas this Festive Season in India

Gone are the days when we used to give chocolates, flowers, cakes. And so on to our family, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. The digital revolution has left an unfading impact here, so, with the festive season on, let us have a glimpse of some of the best and affordable gadget gift ideas. Below is the list of the top eight gadget gift ideas along with the link to purchase it.


Model name — Fire-Bolt Ninja Pro Full Metal SpO2 Smartwatch

Fire Bolt Ninja Pro Full Metal SpO2 Smartwatch

One of the best gift items which are both affordable and wonderful, let us have a glimpse of some of its salient features:

  1. A cool design with a full metal body.
  2. It offers a 1.3 HD full-touch display.
  3. 2.5D curved glass offers both protection and looks.
  4. It features a full touchscreen.
  5. It comes loaded with several sports modes like – running, walking, football, cycling, swimming, and much more.
  6. It is an all-rounder but is best suited for fitness freaks and sports geeks.
  7. It comes with a good battery backup of ten days and twenty days standby.
  8. You can choose from several colorful variants, like – Red, Grey, Green, etc.


Bluetooth Headset

Model nameboAt Rockerz 255F Pro with a fast-charging Bluetooth headset

boAt Rockerz 255F Pro with a fast charging Bluetooth headset

Wireless Bluetooth earphones remain one of the most sought out gadgets amongst people, so, let us figure it out.

  1. It features Bluetooth version 5.0.
  2. It offers you a range of ten meters.
  3. It is water and sweat-resistant certified.
  4. It comes loaded with fast charging technology.
  5. It offers you a battery backup of around 8 hours.
  6. It comes loaded with features like – super extra bass, and much more.


Power Bank

Model name — Ambrane 20000 mAh Power Bank

Ambrane 20000 mAh Power Bank

A power bank becomes the most important thing of the moment if your smartphone happens to run out of juice and there is no charging slot around. Let us explore this gadget now:

  1. The build quality is both strong and attractive.
  2. It has a huge capacity of 20000 mAh.
  3. It supports a Type-C connector.
  4. You can charge three devices at a time.
  5. Your smartphones and tablets supporting rapid charging will get charged rapidly from this power bank.



Blood Pressure Monitor

Model name — Dr. Morepen BP02 Bp Monitor

Dr. Morepen BP02 Bp Monitor

Healthcare devices are a must for all of us nowadays, and this affordable healthcare device is also a must-have, let us have a look at some of its useful features:

  1. It is simple to use and easy to carry lightweight devices.
  2. It measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure along with the pulse frequency.
  3. It uses four AA alkaline batteries.
  4. The memory function allows you to view your past readings as well.




Model name — D-Link DIR-819 750 Mbps Wireless Router

D Link DIR 819 750 Mbps Wireless Router

A router is one of the best gift options especially nowadays when work from home culture is on and also most of the educational institutions have also gone online. So, let us have a glimpse of this device:

  1. It offers 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands.
  2. You can perform all your day-to-day tasks with ease and also play high-end games without any hassles.
  3. It offers fast internet speed.
  4. It is quite easy to set up.
  5. It is a reliable, safe, and secure gadget.


External Solid State Drive

Model name — Samsung t7 500 GB External Solid State drive

Samsung t7 500 GB External Solid State drive

An SSD enhances the speed of the machine and also offers additional storage. A must-have for gaming geeks and high-end users, let us figure it out:

  1. It comes with a big capacity of 500 GB.
  2. It supports both USB 2,.0, and USB 3.0 when it comes to connectivity.
  3. This portable device offers you fast speeds.
  4. It is a safe and secure password-protected device.
  5. The ePCM technology prevents this gadget from overheating.
  6. The lightweight sleek design adds more sparks to its name.



Party Speaker

Model name — boAt PartyPal 60 20 W Bluetooth Party Speaker

boAt PartyPal 60 20 W Bluetooth Party Speaker

A festival is incomplete without loud music, dance, songs, happiness, and so on. Therefore, this gadget makes sure that you enjoy every moment to your fullest. Let us explore it out:

  1. It offers a loud audio output.
  2. This 20 W machine supports Bluetooth version 5.0.
  3. It has an impressive wireless range of 10 meters.
  4. You can stream music and songs via Bluetooth.
  5. It gets fully charged in around four hours.
  6. It offers you a playtime of roughly 4 hours.



Model name — Bajaj 25L Storage Water Geyser

Bajaj 25L Storage Water Geyser

With winter knocking at the door, it is very important to get a geyser installed in our homes. So, let us highlight some of the salient features of this model:

  1. It offers you a capacity of twenty-five liters.
  2. The eight-bar pressure rating makes it handy for high-rise towers also.
  3. It is best suited for a bathroom, but you can install it anywhere in your home.
  4. Multiple people can use it at once, all thanks to its large capacity.




• What is meant by a gadget?

A gadget is an electronic appliance designed to make work and life easier by performing specific tasks.

• What are examples of electronic gadgets?

There are many electronic gadgets out there, like – Bluetooth Headset, Bluetooth speakers, Smartwatches, etc.

• Which is the best gadget to give?

There are quite a few best gadgets which you can gift and after going through this article, I hope you might have found your answer.

• Which is better: gifts, chocolates, flowers, etc or electronic gadgets?

Well, it varies from person to person, but the recent trend shows that both the giver and receiver prefer gadgets over traditional chocolates, flowers, and so on.