Toreto Magik: A new Wireless Charger at INR 1,999

Toreto recently has launched a new ‘Magik’ wireless charger to charge mobile phones faster than the regular, as said by the Toreto.

The Toreto Magik can work as a lamp light in different colours, appease the environment. It designed by the company in Jellyfish style with anti-skidding silicon cover which can be removed and washed. And that’s why the company claimed that their wireless charger is environmentally friendly and also compatible with all Qi-enabled devices.

Toreto’s New Wireless Charger Magik

For providing the wireless charging the Magik has an induction coil and high-end chip (said by Toreto) which as per the company allow the user to charge their smartphones faster without overheating problem, overcharging, voltage fluctuation and short circuit.

Also, the company claims that it has a thick insulation sheet which allows charging the phone without any radiation emission. To ensure safety the charger also has an indicator that will glow in case of detecting any metallic object while charging the phone. The Magik comes with a built-in vibration switch and three lighting modes.

Toreto Wireless Charger Magik

Toreto Magik Features:

  • Work as a lamp
  • Multiple colours for Lamplight
  • Soft silicone cover
  • Built-in magnet insulation sheet
  • Built-in vibration switch
  • Charger automatically detects coins, keys, rings or any other metallic item on it.