e-bomb (electromagnetic bomb) : A Boon or Weapon for bane

Electromagnetic bomb or E-bomb is a weapon, but wait it is not that so-called bomb which can destroy humanity, rather it causes no harm to any living beings. Now, the question must be arising in your minds that what is this bomb and what purpose does it serve? Let me explain to you in detail.

What is Electromagnetic bomb or E-bomb?

Yes, the Electromagnetic bomb is a weapon and uses a sharp electromagnetic field to generate a wave of energy that affects electronic circuits without causing any type of harm to living beings and non-living beings.

As technology is advancing at an exponential rate, a major portion of our lives directly or indirectly depends on it. So just imagine if any of your electronic device or gadget or any type of technology which you use is affected to any big or low extent, then it is definitely going to have a drastic effect on your lives.

No doubt an E-bomb causes no physical harm to human beings but it does cause mental harm to most of us who are in any little or big way related to any kind of technology. My point here is just that our lives are also affected by an E-bomb, as technology nowadays is a kind of emotion for us, and to some extent, most of us have the same feeling for our favourite gadgets as we have for our family members. Let us now try to understand what are the effects of this E-bomb.

Effects of Electromagnetic bomb or E-bomb

The effects of an E-bomb are generally categorised into three types. These three types of effects are w-level, mid-level, and high-level effects. These three types of effects cause different types of harm. These harms are discussed below:

  1. The first one is the low-level effect. It is caused when the electromagnetic field is of low intensity and surprisingly it has not so good results. This low-level pulse disables the electronic system which corrupts it and it means you cannot further use it normally.
  2. The second is the mid-level effect. It is caused when the electromagnetic field of mid-range. This pulse corrupts the computer data, which means all your important data stored on your computer is damaged and you cannot access it.
  3. The third and most dangerous one is the high-level effect. It is caused when the electromagnetic field is of very high intensity. This pulse completely destroys the electronic circuitry, which implies that it completely disables any type of device that works on electricity.

Thus, these are the three types of effects that an E-bomb (electromagnetic bomb) has in store for us. It can simply kill any type of thing that lives on electricity, like computers, radio, and so on. So we can also say that it simply supersedes a normal bomb. Don’t believe me?

Well, just as a normal bomb kills people and destroys anything that comes in its way, in a similar manner this E-bomb kills all the tech geeks out thereby destroying all their electronic gadgets.

Effects of Electromagnetic bomb or E-bomb

How E-bomb help the Military?

This E-bomb (electromagnetic bomb) technology can help the military a lot, in fact, it can act as both a boon as well as a bane. The United States used this it back in 2003 against Iraq, it destroyed the Iraqi satellite television during a military exercise. Perhaps it can help the military of any country in a number of ways.

Yes, this is the power of technology that can make a country having a weak military and defence system emerge victorious against a stronger one. Just imagine if a weaker country blocks and destroys all the satellite communication systems, and all the other technologies used by the military and defence systems of another country and then attack it.

Ebomb illustration
E-bomb illustration by International Journal of All Research Education and Scientific Methods (IJARESM)

The country with the so-called strong army would not even know what has happened by the time they would be completely overshadowed and dominated by the weaker yet smarter one. This is the power of technology and if one can use it wisely than definitely he is better than others. So, we have learned quite a few harmful effects that our E-bomb has and what impact it can have on us.

Everything nowadays simply depends on electricity, and technology without electricity is just incomplete, you need electricity for almost every gadget in your home, office, or anywhere. And our E-bomb simply destroys everything that runs on electricity, be it vehicle control systems, targeting systems, different types of systems for communication, navigation systems, low and long-range sensors, and so on. Apart from all that, there are many other ways in which this technology could be used in an evil manner and result in mass killing.

Just imagine if they are used to neutralize the electricity of a hospital, then any patient on life-support, or on a ventilator, or on ICU would die immediately. Other patients will also suffer badly and may end up catching more complications o even death may result in some of the cases too. Not only this, but this E-bomb can also be used to neutralise vehicles like aircraft causing very inhumane mass killings.

The most dangerous effect of this E-bomb (electromagnetic bomb) which we can imagine is that if it is targeted on a whole country than it can result in catastrophic damage. Though a majority of the population would remain alive, they will find themselves in a very different world which no one would prefer to live in.


Thus, I can finally conclude by saying that technology is a very beautiful thing and it has only the good effects, while all the adverse effects are the result of evil nature of human mind who uses this technology to attack and destroy humanity and to some extent all the other living and nonliving beings. This E-bomb is no different, it is also a result of our technology and now it is up to us on how are we going to use it and for what purpose.

According to me, it should be used for purposes which would help us to make our lives more comfortable and happy. It should be used to neutralise the systems of all the hackers and cyber terrorists out there and also to destroy any of the terrorist group’s out there, and so on. Believe me in this way E-bomb will definitely be a boon and not a bane.