Truvison launches 2.1 ‘TV-001 X-Bass’ Multimedia Speaker at just Rs.5990/-

Truvison launches its newest 2.1 ‘TV-001 X-Bass’ Multimedia Speaker along with Bluetooth connectivity, USB and audio inputs.

It comes along a LED backlit master volume control with Blue LED light. The 2.1 Channel sound System is capable of effective sound throw.

The speaker packed with 60W RMS power, the amplifier is customized with circuitry that brings together the characteristics of the woofer and enclosure and transforms the bass output into something that’s truly spectacular. With 360 degrees, live sound, bring the pure combination of bass and treble that results in the most unique and unmatched audio experience, recreating the theatre-like experience at home, said by Truvison.

Truvison launches 2.1 ‘TV-001 X-Bass’ Multimedia Speaker at just Rs.5990

For Connectivity options, it includes USB/AUX inputs along with the Pen drive, SD Card and Microphone connectivity besides other controls. Truvison 2.1 ‘TV-001 X-BASS’ is equipped with full function remote that lets you adjust important settings according to your preferences.

The speaker comes with a 1-year warranty…