6 Best Affordable Home-Theaters in India you can buy now

Home theatres are one of the most fascinating things which almost each and every one of us wishes to own, and if you accidentally happen to be a party animal, then it is perhaps a must-have in your wish-list. Therefore, in this article, I have included the best in class such devices for you. So, without wasting your precious time, let me quickly get into our topic.

Best in class Home theatres at affordable prices to buy in India




The Bluetooth version 2.1 makes this beauty a wireless monster, all thanks to this technology. It is compatible with both iOS and Android gadgets like tablets, laptops, and even smartphones, isn’t that cool? Well, yes it is. The LED indicators perform dual functions, first, they give you a glimpse of how loud is the volume which you are listening to and secondly, it makes it look more and more stylish. Furthermore, it has a range of 10 meters and a power output of 120 watts. It has one subwoofer and is available in black color. 

Price: ₹6,499

2. Zebronics BT 4440 RUCF

Zebronics BT 4440 RUCF

The sleek design and glossy appearance make this gadget look stylish and it adds more sparks to your personality as well. The built-in FM radio is also something you should be praising about and also never forget a huge options connectivity which you get through it. A wide set of LED lights are also set to thrill you and believe me you will be completely amazed by them.

The remote controls make it easy for you to control your speakers even if you happen to be away from them. The sound quality is just superb and the power output is 60 watts. It has subwoofers and speakers and also supports memory card slot. Furthermore, it has one USB port and you can connect laptops, computers, mobiles, and tablets to it. The sensitivity is of 500 dB and frequency response of approximately 35 to 200 Hz.

Price: ₹2,999

3. Sony SA-D40

Sony SA D40

It offers you stunning audio quality and you can transform your living room into a crazy party floor with it. You can also control all the functions of this speaker with the help of remote control without even touching it. It has a power output of 80 watts and comes loaded with four powerful speakers and one mighty subwoofer, and believe me, this arrangement of speakers and subwoofer when placed in your hall or living room will give you the feeling that you are in cloud nine and bring out the wild party animal from inside of you. You can connect a host of your devices to it through various connectivity options like Bluetooth, USB, and much more. It comes in black color and offers you an impedance of 10 as well as the frequency response is of the range 40 to 20000 Hz.

Price: ₹ 8,690

4. Boat Avante Bar 2000

Boat Avante Bar 2000 min

One more beauty in our list, so let us figure it out. The first thing that will attract you into it is the sleek design and you are surely going to like it, and it will add more feathers to the charm of your home. The speakers offer you loud and clear sound and you can let your party go all night long without any issues. When it comes to connectivity options, you get quite a many, namely – Bluetooth, USB, HDMI, AUX, and much more. The wireless remote control lets you control this monster from a good distance, you can adjust all that you want with a single click. You will get goosebumps while watching your favorite action films, as the audio quality will just kill it. Moreover, the power output is 160 watts and it has dual speakers to keep you grooving.

Price: ₹ 8,999

5. Philips MMS2625B/94

Philips MMS2625B 2.1 CH Bluetooth Multimedia Speakers

One of the most popular and used brands is here with this beauty. It has a power output of 38W. It is one of the most budget-friendly options from a trusted brand, and it has quite a few things to boost off. Furthermore, it works with smartphones, tablets, TV, computer, and laptop. It also has a headphone jack and comes with an in-built FM radio.

It comes packed with one subwoofer. If you are thinking about the connectivity options, then you have only one option here, and that is Bluetooth. It has a slot for memory cards. It has dual features of both wired and wireless, and in the wireless mode, you can stream audio using Bluetooth and the range for the same is around thirty feet.

Price: ₹ 2,799

6. F&D F550X 

Philips MMS2625B 2.1 CH Bluetooth Multimedia Speakers

One of the most powerful predators in our list, let us explore it. When it comes to performance, get ready to be thrilled by it, as it offers very good and vibrant audio quality and you will surely be impressed by it. It will keep your party grooving on and on without any pause and yes, you will also want to watch your favorite action movies, again and again, all thanks to the mighty sound quality that it comes backed with. Furthermore, you can also stream to your favorite radio stations and it has the capacity to save up to one hundred such stations and it is indeed praiseworthy. The wireless remote control lets you control this rough and tough device from a distance and with a single click. It has many connectivity options, like – USB, Bluetooth, RCA connector, and so on.

Price: ₹ 4,299

Thus, these are the six affordable and cool home theatres that you can look forward to purchasing. They can turn your sweet and beautiful home into a mini theatre, and you will love watching movies or grooving to your favorite music or enjoying a gathering or just partying with your near and dear ones with them. They are not expensive and sure to fit in the budget of most of the people.