Twitter is now X as the little blue bird disappears

Elon Musk has made a notable change on Twitter by replacing the iconic bird logo with an X logo. This transition was initiated in April when he merged Twitter, Inc into X Corp, effectively dissolving the former. Now, visitors to Twitter’s web platform will see the X logo instead of the familiar blue bird. However, Musk clarified that the current X logo is only temporary, and now redirects to The move is part of Musk’s ongoing transformation of the social media platform.

The recent changes on Twitter might cause some confusion among long-time users. When asked about what tweets are now called, Elon Musk confirmed they are referred to as “x’s.” However, whether this term will be widely adopted remains uncertain. 

According to The Verge, Twitter employees were notified of the branding change via an email statement from Musk. The email also mentioned that all future business communication would be conducted using

In April, Musk playfully replaced the Twitter logo with the doge meme, adding a touch of humor to the platform.