Vivo Nex 2 V1821A Dual screen with 10GB RAM appeared on GeekBench

The Vivo NEX dual-screen version appeared on the GeekBench running sub-site, and the detailed specifications were announced.

GeekBench page shows that the Vivo NEX dual-screen version is V1821A, which is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, equipped with 10GB of memory, running Android 9.0 system, a single-core score of 2252, a multi-core score of 8508.

Vivo NEX dual-screen version Geekbench Long 845 with 10GB storage

This is the second 845 flagship of Vivo, the flagship of Vivo’s first 10GB memory, and is expected to become the first 10GB memory + screen fingerprint flagship (currently known 10GB memory flagship has millet MIX 3, black shark game phone Helo, Nubian Red Devils Mars esports mobile phone, etc., they are all after fingerprint identification).

As the flagship of the year, the biggest highlight of the vivo NEX dual-screen version is that the front and rear are equipped with a display screen, and both screens can operate all functions of the mobile phone, and the screen can be switched by a three-finger swipe gesture.

Vivo Nex 2 V1821A Dual screen with 10GB RAM appeared on GeekBench

With the dual-screen solution, the Vivo NEX dual-screen version can be self-portraits with a rear lens. More importantly, the rear camera of the Vivo NEX is the first three-camera flagship of Vivo.

We can see that the front of the Vivo NEX dual-screen version maintains a very high screen ratio, while the secondary screen uses a different style from other mobile phones, and the top still retains 3.5mm headphones.

Vivo Nex 2 V1821A Dual screen with 10GB RAM appeared on GeekBench 1

In the ring area, we can clearly see that there are three cameras and a flash lamp. It seems that this phone will have better performance in taking pictures, and the ring design should also have special functions. I can look forward to it.

Vivo NEX dual-screen version as the end of the vivo flagship of vivo, different from the previous vivo NEX lift camera design, but both represent the direction of Vivo to explore the full screen, one side is dual-screen design, one side is lifted camera design. The Smartphone would be officially released at 7:30 pm on December 11th in Shanghai.